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"God's Help For Troubled Hearts" - John 14-16
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Eight Helps for those troubling times:
#1- WORD OF EXHORTATION: Believe in Me (14:1)
"When I'm faced with fearful things, I have a choice in it. I can let my heart be troubled, or I can fall back on faith."

Ps. 61:1-2

#2 - WORD OF EXALTATION: Heave in your end (14:2-6)
"When trouble comes I can rest in the reality of heaven to come. Jesus is coming for me!"

2 Cor. 4:16-18

#3 - WORD OF SUPPLICATION: Keep praying, God's not done using you. (14:12-14;16:23-24)
"Jesus wants to use our lives for His glory even in troublesome times."

#4 - WORD OF CONSOLATION: The Spirit of God is here to help you (14:16-18,26;16:7-15)
"Jesus sends His kids help in troubled times"

Seven things the Spirit does:
- convict of sin (16:8)
- testify of righteousness (16:8)
- speak of a judgment coming (16:8)
- guide us into all truth (16:13,15)
- not do His own thing (16:13)
- tell you things to come (16:13)
- glorify Jesus (16:14)

"The Spirit works to bring us to Christ, changes us to make us like Christ, equips us to minister for Christ, and empowers us to witness of Christ."

#5 - WORD OF RELAXATION: Receive God's perfect peace (14:27)

Phil. 4:6-7

#6 - WORD OF FIXATION: Abide in Christ and He will bear the fruit (15:1-6)

#7 - WORD OF CLARIFICATION: Your suffering is not unique (15:18-25)

#8 - WORD OF TRANSFORMATION: Your sorrow will turn to joy; your trouble to triumph (16:20-33)

What started with "don't be troubled" (14:1) ends with "Be of good cheer. I have overcome" (16:33)


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