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Accelerate Your Faith
Part 1 - Is your tank empty?
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    Sunday 7:00 AM
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If you don’t enjoy and value what you have, how could you be happier with more?
Blaise Pascal once said: “There is a God shaped vacuum within us that only God can fill.”
Our quality of life and our sense of physical and mental wellbeing depend on what is present in our hearts.
We try to fill this emptiness with entertainment, new relationships, materialism, holidays, social activities, even religion, but fail to fill that God shaped vacuum in the soul.
Our Lord summed up both the wrong view and the right view of life in his immortal words in the Sermon on the Mount. Please read Matthew 6:19-24
The Lord was the one person on earth whose unshakable convictions, moral perfection, death and resurrection stand as a pointer to us. He points to another way, a better way for us all.

There is more to life than this world
Our prayer for today is that the Lord will fill the emptiness of your soul with His Spirit. Amen.
Join us next week for Part 2 -
Recharge your batteries

There are times when it seems that our spiritual power just runs out.

“How can I recharge my spiritual batteries?”
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