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02142021 | Real Love | Allen Hickman
Love is the power and force that has changed the world. However, our understanding and experience of love in this world is not the same as the love God gives. There have been literally thousands upon thousands of songs, movies, videos, paintings, and other forms of media written about love. Very few truly represent love in its truest and real form: Jesus Christ. It was because of love He was compelled to give all He was for us. That is real love. Not a self-seeking, self-fulfilling, selfish love. Real love!
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•The World is always trying to define Love.
•Their definitions are always based on emotions and feelings.
•The World is a complete failure at Love.

We need to let the Creator define Love

Greek Words for Love:

AGAPE= Unconditional, undeserved, can be know from its actions and prompts, love of choice
STORGE= Natural, affection, mom for a child, siblings, family
PHILEO= Brotherly love, Christ for His disciples, friendship love
ERROS= Physical attraction, sexual and erotic, feelings and emotions

AGAPE: is what He is using in 1 Corinthians 13


A. Eternal, no start, no finish
· Choice to love you before you were born
· Knew about your sin and loved you anyway
B. Unconditional, don’t have to do anything

Nothing can separate= no conditions
C. Not based on emotion or feeling
· They change based on the moment
· Based on your performance
D. Can’t be learned, God has to reveal it
“We have to receive it and believe it”
· God wants us to love like that. But we can’t give what we do not have.
II. THE GREAT LOVE OF GOD, should never be neglected
· God chose you over Christ
· That is why I sing God you are good
· That is why I know His promises are true
· That is why I am not afraid
· Love never fails
How can I neglect so great a salvation!