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LEAVING YOUR FIRST LOVE - Revelation 2:1-7
Every year people ask if Valentine’s Day is necessary. If we really love someone, do we need a day to tell them? Shouldn’t we live in a loving way every day? But maybe Valentine’s Day should be a reminder of something that is true all the time. And maybe that reminder can help us all year long.
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    6782 N Main St, Coopersburg, PA 18036, USA
    Jumapili 9:00 AM, Jumapili 10:45 AM
I. Jesus diagnoses the church in Ephesus- vv. 2-4
• They did good things
• They believed right things
• But they stopped loving Jesus the way they once had
II. Jesus prescribes the cure- vv. 5-6
• Remember how you once loved
• Repent
• Return to your previous actions
III. Jesus makes a promise- v. 7
• Jesus helps us overcome- 1 John 5:4-5
• It will be worth it to love Jesus
Bottom line: Love is superior to law or license.

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Questions to Consider
1. Have you ever been in love? What were the early days of love like for you? What did you do differently at that time than you do now?

2. What did Jesus say that the Ephesian Christians did that was good (vv. 2-3, 6)? How can we imitate their actions?

3. What did Jesus say was the problem that the Ephesian Christians had (v. 4)? How could the problem and the good things co-exist?

4. What circumstances might cause our love for Jesus to cool off? How can we fight the loss of love?

5. What solution did Jesus provide (v. 5)?

6. What can we do if we don’t have the same feelings for Jesus that we had in the past?

7. Why is it important for us to consider our “whole person” in order to love Jesus as we should? What are the parts of our whole person?

8. How can our Next Steps Pathway help us to love as we should? The pathway is to Discover Purpose through weekly worship; Choose Community by joining a group, and Join the Mission by serving on a team.

9. What will I do to grow in my love for Jesus?