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Theirs is the Kingdom: Truth or Consequences
Welcome! We are glad you are with us today. There are three Touchstones by which we hope to measure and build our mission at ECC. They are WELCOME, TRANSFORMATION, and PRESENCE. This season we are diving into the Touchstone of TRANSFORMATION as we study together Jesus' primary message about life in the Kingdom of God, the Sermon on the Mount in the New Testament book of Matthew, chapters 5-7. We believe that Jesus not only forgives us and makes a way for us to know him, but he transforms us and renews the image of God within us. He makes us fit to be citizens of God's kingdom, gives us a model to imitate, and enables and empowers us to get from here to there. We hope you'll join us each Sunday morning at 10:30am on Facebook, YouTube, or in person.
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Kingdom Conversations
Join us every Sunday at 12:00pm on Zoom during this sermon series, Theirs is the Kingdom, for a time of conversation about the sermon series as well as conversation on the book The Good and Beautiful Life. Each week, Pastors and staff will host a 30-45 minute Zoom gathering to have Kingdom Conversations. We hope to see you there.
Adult Christian Formation
Sunday mornings at 9:00am on Zoom. The Adult Sunday School class is starting a review of the book A Good and Beautiful Life. The church will also be using the book in the upcoming sermon series. The book zeroes in on application of the teachings of the Sermon on the Mount. This fits in very well with the study we just completed on the Gospel of Matthew.
Wednesday Morning Men's Fellowship
Men, please join us each week at 6:30am. The ECC Wednesday Morning Men’s group is involved in a study of Philippians. We will meet by Zoom until face to face group meetings are approved. For an invite, please email Bill Oakes ( We'd love to see you there!
Be the Bridge Study
Here at ECC, we are committed to broadening our awareness and recognition of the diverse nature of the Kingdom of God. In an effort to broaden our awareness of the need for racial reconciliation, we are excited to invite you into a 10-week virtual book study with Pastor Jorden, looking at Latasha Morrison’s book Be The Bridge: Pursuing God’s Heart for Racial Reconciliation.

We will be meeting on Zoom, Wednesday evenings February 24 – April 28 at 7:00 pm. Please join me for this important conversation and to grow in community together. Sign up below if you’d like to join the conversation!
Youth Gatherings
Middle school will be gathering today from 4:30-6:00pm in the Life Center and on Zoom. We will spend time having fun and focusing on God’s Word in our lives! Students should wear masks. Feel free to invite a friend and join us today!

High school will be meeting on February 21.
Young Life
Youth 9th-12th grade, join us on Monday nights, 7:30-8:30pm in the Life Center for Covid Connections. Covid Connections is a time to connect with your Young Life leaders & friends in a small group setting while social distancing for conversation and connections. We will catch up with one another as we journey through this season of Covid, watch the Club video, and take a few moments to process the Club Talk together. Masks will be required.
Thank You!
On behalf of the staff of ECC, I want to thank you for the generous love offering you gave us on Christmas Eve. The year 2020 was a challenge, but your encouragement along the way, your generosity in meeting our giving challenges in the fall, and now your gift to us on Christmas Eve are true blessings. Thank you so much! We look forward to what God has in store for us in the year to come!
Women’s Ministry
Resurrection Garden Night: Ladies, join us on February 24 from 6:30 to 8:00pm for a fun night making a tabletop resurrection garden! Not very crafty? No problem! This craft can be done by anyone! We will meet in the Life Center. Registration is required and we suggest $5 to help cover the cost of the materials. RSVP here:
AV Technology and Production Assistant Position
We are currently looking to hire a part-time Pro-duction & Technology Assistant to assist with our technology needs a couple hours throughout the week, on Thursday evenings, and Sunday mornings. This position will require around 10 hours a week and will involve great knowledge of all our Audio Visual programs and systems, troubleshooting abilities, and carrying out the vision for our worship services. Information packets can be found at the welcome counter or online at:
Ash Wednesday
Ash Wednesday is coming up on February 17, and this year we will be meeting virtually at 6pm on FB and YouTube. We are creating Ash Wednesday “kits” to help you worship along with us from home. All the way through this service, we will provide you with scripture, prayer, worship through song, and meaningful activities to assist you in your worship. Please feel free to stop by at the church any day between February 14th-17th to pick up your kit. If you’d like your kit delivered to you, contact the church office and we will bring them to you! We hope you'll worship online with us!
ECC Kids Open Gym
We have a gym, and you might have a child or two who needs a space to run around this winter! Your family is welcome to sign up for a 50 minute time slot to come and play on Thursdays and Saturdays in February. We will provide basic gym equipment (basketballs, dodge balls, kick balls), but you are welcome to bring your own as well. The building will only be re-sanitized at the end of the day, but we will have disinfecting wipes available. You are welcome to use the bathrooms and fill water bottles at the fountain while you are here. Please refrain from bringing any other food or drink.
Covenant Harbor Summer Camp
We’re inviting ECC students to sign up for Summer Camp! Students who will enter 2nd-4th grades in the fall of 2021 are invited to participate in an overnight camp from July 18-20. Students who will enter 4th-6th grades in the fall of 2021 are invited to participate in an overnight camp July 18-23. We plan to assist with transportation to and from camp, and Kristin Mueller will stay on camp grounds during this week as well. Learn more and register online at Scholarships are available – please contact Kristin for details.
Boy Scout Donation Boxes
Boy Scout Troop 310 is collecting cereal for Lafayette Transitional Housing. There are collection boxes in the Worship Center lobby and the Life Center. Donations of unopened/non-expired cereal can be placed in the collection boxes on Sunday or during regular office hours. Donations will be collected after February 14.
Meal Ministry
Looking for a simple, occasional way to serve your church family? We would love to have you join the Meal Ministry team at ECC! When you take a family a meal, you are giving them much more than food. Meals, whether homemade or purchased, are a meaningful, tangible way to show support and care.

As needs arise, you will receive an email and be able to sign-up for a specific date based on the need and your availability. Thank you to those who faithfully serve in this ministry - and welcome to those who will join us! Sign up here:
Triple L – Crescendo Conversation
Triple L is hosting a Crescendo Conversation on February 24 on Zoom from 12:45-2:15pm. The concept at the heart of the Crescendo initiative is that God desires we all live fully into his purposes for the entirety of our lives. Our guest speakers, Evelyn Johnson and Harold Spooner, will be leading an approximate 45 minute presentation to introduce us to Crescendo and how we might adapt it in Triple L. Following the presentation we will spend some time visiting with each other. RSVP and get more information here:
Giving Online
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Theirs is the Kingdom: Truth or Consequences
February 14, 2021
Sixth Sunday after the Epiphany
Stacey Littlefield, Lead Pastor
Write your main take away from this week's sermon below:
Questions to ponder.
What were you taught growing up about lying or oaths? If you were a part of a church community, what was the attitude toward oaths and vows?
Questions to ponder.
In the book, The Good and Beautiful Life, the author suggests that the false narrative we live by when we lie is: I need to lie to get by.

He also gives two main reasons why we lie:
1. fear of what will happen if we tell the truth
2. desire for personal gain if we lie

What do you think of these two reasons? Can you think of others? Which have you personally found to be at work in your life and temptations not to be truthful?
Questions to ponder.
It was recommended in the message this morning that loving others may mean there are times when we simply shouldn't be as honest or as truthful as we could be. How do you respond to this? Is this a fair statement or is it going too far? Why?
Questions to ponder.
Is it ever right to outright lie to someone?
Questions to ponder.
In your own words, how might you state Jesus' words in Matthew 5.27-32 in a positive manner? That is, instead of telling us what not to do, how might he have said the same basic thing by telling what we are to do, instead?

The Secret Life of Secrets

Follow the link below for a fascinating Hidden Brain podcast on keeping secrets (the lies we tell to hide something about ourselves from others).It’s human nature to hide parts of ourselves that produce shame or anxiety. We tend to skip over details that could change how others perceive us. But no matter how big or small our secret, it will often weigh on our minds, and not for the reasons you might expect. This week on Hidden Brain, we talk with psychologist Michael Slepian about the costs of secret keeping.
Soul Training: Silence
"Those who live a monastic life (monks and nuns) regularly practiced the discipline of silence. They do so for many reasons, but one is to counter the sins of the tongue, such as lying or gossip. Practicing this discipline teaches them the power of words and gives them greater control over their tongues. Most of us are not monks or nuns, but we can also practice this discipline to help us learn how to bridle our tongues.

"If we do not speak, we cannot lie. We cannot gossip. We cannot hurt others with our words. So, we practice silence to have better control over our tongues. We will not become proficient overnight, but in time (as with all of the tools we use) we will see progress.

"There are two exercises to choose from this week. The main exercise is a very challenging discipline, one which needs a lot of preparation.

"The first exercise is to go a day without speaking. This is the primary spiritual tool this week, so if you can only do one of the two, do this one. It is very challenging and takes a lot of planning and preparation.

"In our world, how is this possible?

"First, choose a day when this will be less of a problem for you. For many, the weekend works best. You can choose to go from sundown to sundown, Friday evening to Saturday evening, for example.

"Some warnings:
1. Be sure to let others know you were doing this. Silence creates suspicion and concern. People will ask whether you are OK. If someone calls you and you do not respond, they may get unnecessarily concerned. Thus, you may want to send an email or text message to your family and friends to let them know what you were doing.
2. If you are asked to speak and it is beneficial to do so, then speak. Charity overrides all discipline. If someone is about to be hit by a bus, by all means yell.
3. In many cases, you can use hand gestures or written notes if you feel you must communicate. Tip: keep a notepad around so that you can communicate with others when necessary. (However, this does not include texting!)

"Most people find this to be a wonderful experience. Don't be afraid of it. Be aware of speech and of people and things around you, which increase dramatically.

"For some, the first exercise is an impossibility. If that is the case, then choose one day this week to be a “Lie-Free Day.” Do your very best not to lie to anyone for an entire day. If you do lie, try your best to correct it on the spot. Simply say, “You know, what I said was not true. The truth is ...” You may be afraid people will be upset or disappointed with you, but I have found the opposite. Most people find it refreshing. And correcting yourself will help prevent the next lie."

(from The Good and Beautiful Life, by James Bryan Smith, pp.117-118)
Prayer for the Sixth Sunday after the Epiphany
O God, the strength of all who put their trust in you: Mercifully accept our prayers; and because in our weakness we can do nothing good without you, give us the help of your grace, that in keeping your commandments we may please you both in will and deed; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.