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February 7, 2021: Passover
These are the Bible passage and sermon notes for our Sunday morning worship services.
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    Sunday 9:30 AM
  • CrossWay Church
    Sunday 10:00 AM
Leviticus 23:4-5 & Exodus 12:1-13: Passover

I) The First Passover in Egypt

A) God’s saw Israel’s _____________ and sent Moses to free them.

B) Pharaoh __________ to let the people of Israel go after 9 plagues.

C) The 10th plague God would send an angel to kill all the first born.

D) The Passover lamb’s ______ on the doorposts protected the Israelites.

1) Each family select a perfect lamb on the ________ of Nisan.

2) On the 14th of Nisan, they slaughter the lamb at twilight and _________ the blood on the doorway of their home.

3) The family ate _____ of the lamb, unleavened bread and bitter herbs.

II) The Jewish Passover Feast

A) Christ’s last supper was a Passover _____________.

B) Key Elements of Jewish Passover Seder

1) Cup of __________: A blessing was recited over the first cup of wine. Hands washed as a sign of ceremonial cleansing.

2) Karpas: Participants would dip parsley in ________ water.

3) Matzah: The host breaks the middle of 3 pieces of matzah. He ________ the bottom piece and saves the top one for later.

4) Cup of _________: Youngest asks why they celebrate and host recounts events of the first Passover. Psalms 113 and 114 sung.

5) Hillel Sandwich: Matzah is broken and each eat it along with _______ (Bitter herbs) and Charoset (Apples and Nuts).

6) Passover ______: Participants eat meal with Zeroah (Lamb), Charazet (Bitter Lettuce), & Beitzah (Roasted hard boiled egg).

7) _____________: Kids find the hidden piece of matzah and host redeems with a gift.

8) Cup of _______________: A blessing is given. They open the door hoping Elijah will come usher in the Messiah.

9) Cup of Acceptance and _________: Final blessing and Psalms 115-118 sung.

III) How Christ fulfilled the Passover.
A) Jesus was ______________ (faultless).

B) Jesus was crucified when the Passover lambs were slaughtered.

1) Jesus was led to cross at _____a.m. (Mark 15:25). The time the lambs were assembled in the temple.

2) Jesus died at 3 p.m. (Mark 15:33). The time the lambs were starting to be slaughtered in the temple.

C) No ____________ were broken in Jesus’s body.

D) Christ is our perfect Passover ____________.

1) His shed blood saves us from God’s ____________ of our sin.

2) He ____________ us to live with him for all eternity.

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