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When God Walked Alone–Part 1
People have different perspectives about heaven. Some believe that we will all end up there. Others think only “good” people make it to heaven. But there has always been only one way to get right with God, and it has nothing to do with what we do for God. It’s all about what He did for us. Throughout this series, we will discover how to begin a relationship with God, understand ideas surrounding the Gospel, and equip you with more confidence so you can discuss the Bible message with others. Ultimately, we will answer the question—can we know for sure we’ll go to heaven?
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Today's Music
Gone, Worthy of Your Name, Another in the Fire, Death was Arrested
When God Walked Alone—Part 1
[Tim Haring]
Problem | People think they can earn their way into heaven
Solution | It’s not what we do for God; it’s what he did for us that matters

[The gospel is] not merely a powerful means in God’s hands, but [is] in itself a divine energy. –Dr. Vincent
Whenever the gospel is proclaimed, God’s power becomes operative and succeeds in saving. –J.A. Fitzmyer
• The problem is sin.
• The solution is Jesus (because of who He is and what He did for us.)
• The response God is looking for is faith (or trust).
In classical Greek it is used for missing a target or taking a wrong road. It is the general New Testament term for sin as concrete wrongdoing, the violation of God’s law. –New Bible Dictionary
“The confession is an acknowledgement that God has been incarnated in Jesus, that Jesus Christ is God. Also essential is heart-faith that God raised Him from the dead. The result is salvation.” –Witmer
• The problem is sin
• The solution is Jesus (because of who he is and what he did for us).
• The response God is looking for is faith (or trust)

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