The Church at Creek's End
Life After Life
Surprisingly, Jesus said very little about heaven. He spoke more about eternal life and how one can enter heaven than He did about the place of heaven. Although the details are incomplete, it is probably because a full understanding of heaven would make it difficult to concentrate on the responsibilities God has given us on earth. Yet the Bible reveals some realities about heaven to whet our appetites for this future destination.
Locations & Times
  • Creek's End Campus
    20010 Kuykendahl Rd, Spring, TX 77379, USA
    Sunday 11:00 AM
Heaven exists as the ________________________________ for those who _______________________________
1. After life, heaven is a place where _____________________________________.
2. After life, heaven is a place where _____________________________________.
3. After life, heaven is a place where _____________________________________.
4. After life, heaven is a place where _____________________________________.
5. After life, heaven is a place where _____________________________________.
Next Week - "A Story of Hell"
The doctrine of hell is uncomfortable for most of us. However, our understanding of hell shapes our view of the gospel, God’s holiness, and our depravity. If we don’t accept the reality of hell, we won’t rightly understand the glory of the gospel. No one talked about hell more in the Bible than Jesus. In this message we find out why.
The Power of Oneness
The Creek’s End Family gathers for Bible Study at 9:30 AM. Little Creek, Creek Kids, and The Creek Students will also meet during this time. At 11:00 AM we will worship TOGETHER, with only Little Creek meeting the second hour. We believe not only the Creek’s End family needs to worship together, but our individual families need to worship together as a family as well.

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