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Sunday Morning Service
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I Kings 21:1-29
You Reap What You Sow

1. Can we sin and not get caught? Note the progression of sin.
2. In I Kings 21 we learn: We can’t sin and not pay a price. With every sin there is a price to

Can we sin and not get caught? Note the progression of sin.
Covetousness which is idolatry. Naboth’s vineyard was next to Ahab’s winter palace. No
doubt it was close enough to see. It belonged to Naboth.
*Covetousness is desiring what God has forbidden or desiring what God has not given to us.
*It is at the core of all sin. Idolatry is choosing yourself over God.
*You either worship God or yourself. If you really worship God, you want to do what
pleases Him. If you worship yourself you will do what pleases you.
*Ahab has all anyone could want: SELF ENTERS!
A. The Request 2 Self never thinks of others
1. My Possession…Give me thy vineyard…Covetousness.
*God gave me castles, horses, servants…I want more…Self is never satisfied!
*I want your vineyard.
2. My Pleasure…That I may have it for a garden of herbs.
*What about Naboth’s wants.
*No matter…Self is never satisfied!
3. My Place…near my house
*It is for my convenience.
*What about Naboth?
4. My Priority…I want it at any cost.
*I will give you another vineyard or I will give you money for what it’s worth.
Sin is always interested in “I”: Sex, drugs, attitude (bitterness, hatred, gossip, greed,
envy, jealousy, etc.) I want what I want when I want it!
B. The Refusal 3
Here is one of the 7000 who had not bowed to Baal.
1.Naboth couldn’t sell…God…the Lord forbid me. God forbid the Jew to sell a family inheritance. The land must stay in the family.
2.A Closed Door: What does God’s word say about the matter? This often reveals whether you are worshiping God or yourself. What I want is what God forbids or what God has not given to me.
3.A Closed Door often reveals our true colors. “I thank you for this house, husband, these children, this body (not another)…this brain.” Covetousness is never satisfied!
C. The Reaction 4
1. He pouts, sulks, is depressed, bitter, malicious, jealous. I wonder if he sucked his
thumb? ☺
2. He has all of the reactions of worshiping “I”, “Me”, “My”. He is saying, “You see, I
know how to run my life better than God.” “I know what I need better than God.”
3. If you are living without Christ you are saying, “I live for me and what pleases me!”

Can we sin and not get caught? Note the progression of sin.
A.Sin Seeks Support and wants to defend itself.
1.(vss. 8, 10, 13) men of the city…two worthless fellows…people of Jezreel.
2.Be careful when you try to find supporters of your position: Social media, Facebook, Twitter…you want to justify what you are doing.
3.We shy away from those who tell the truth. She didn’t seek Elijah or God’s word since fleeing the truth.
B.Sin Is Bathed In Lies (note the whole narrative)
If I reject the Truth I have no standard.
1. Satan is the Father of Lies: We lie to God. We lie to ourselves. We lie to others.
2.Two adults are either living together or are being promiscuous: “We love each other.” It’s not love! It’s lust!
3.“I’m bitter.” “I have my rights.” “You don’t know what he did to me.” All are excuses or ‘reasons’ for our behavior or attitude.
C. Sin Affects The Innocent
1.Sin affects Naboth and his family.
2.The people Jezreel who carry out the false sentence!
3.The innocent are hurting all around us: Boys/Girls gender identification…Daddy does drugs...A husband or wife has an affair (the innocent suffer).
4.Children of parents who profess to know Jesus but seldom attend church. Or who are bitter or jealous. What about the child who never sees the power of Christ in the home?!
D. Sin Is Out To Kill You 13, 14
(II Kings 9:26…his sons were also stoned.)
1.If you do not know Jesus Christ, sin will master you and kill your home/family/future.
2.If you are a believer, sin will kill your joy, peace, testimony, your fellowship with God and everything you hold dear.
3.The core is covetousness which is idolatry.

Can we sin and not get caught? Note the progression of sin.
A. The Prize…Ahab takes what God has not given him. He possesses what he has no right.
B.The Possession…Feel the satisfaction and contentment when he walks through ‘his’ vineyard.
C.The Pleasure…Satan puts poison in pretty bottles.
1.There is pleasure in sin for a season. (Heb. 11:26).
2.It feels so right it can’t be wrong. If it feels good…do it. All is dangerous!
3.The capture of that which is forbidden is not as grand as the chase.
4.The beautiful butterfly upon holding its wings soon is incapable of soaring and her beauty is gone!

Can we sin and not get caught? Note the progression of sin.
No one knows and no one cares. GOD DOES! Whatsoever a man sows that shall he also
reap. (Gal 6:7, 8) If you sow the wind you will reap the whirlwind. (Hos. 8:7) It is a
universal principle. The payment may not come by Friday, but it will come!
A. The Agent 17-10 The Word of God.
1.Elijah and the word of God came.
2.It was a message based on God’s word. We are measured by God’s Word. When the measure is extended (it’s not your opinion). It is drawn from God’s word. What does God’s Word say?
B. The Antagonist 20 The Way of God.
1.“Hast thou found me. O mine enemy?” God’s word is always against sin.
2.Elijah answered: “I have found thee.” God will always find you!
C. The Avenger 21-24 The Wages of God
1. It was literally true of Jezebel.
2.Are you lost without Christ? *(John 3:18, 36) (Rom. 6:23 the wages of sin is death) (Rev. 20:11-15 whosoever name was not written in the book was cast into the lake of fire.)
3.You say you are a believer: One day we will give an account.

Can we sin and not get caught? Note the progression of sin.
There are two reactions to the message:
A.One Rejected…Jezebel
B.One Received…Ahab (27) this was not to salvation, but God heard and added 12 years to his life.

“I wonder if anyone will find out?”
We sometimes feel the problem with sin is getting caught.
You cannot sin and not get caught.

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