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Joseph: From Slave to Deputy Pharaoh
God can use challenging circumstances as a tool to accomplish his will in and through us.
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God can use challenging circumstances as a tool to accomplish his will in and through us.
Joseph's story began as the favorite of twelve sons, and it seems as a 17 year old he was not afraid of facing his brothers hatred as a result of it.
Joseph's brothers decide to sell him as a slave instead of killing him by letting him rot in the pit. After being sold again, Joseph ends up in Potiphar's house, an Egyptian officer of Pharaoh.
At this point Potiphar's wife wrongly accuses Joseph of assaulting her and Joseph ends up in prison, however it is the prison where the Pharaoh's prisoners are kept as well. Once again the Lord was with Joseph and he was put in charge of all the prisoners, and he interprets correctly two fellow inmates dreams.
Two years is a long time to wait for something to happen! Eventually Joseph is summoned to interpret the Pharaoh's dreams, and he does so with such ability the Pharaoh promotes him to be over all his kingdom and plan for the upcoming famine. Joseph is were God's needs him to be to save many lives, including those of Joseph's own family.
It's pretty incredible to see God move and work in our lives. Often we are moved to tears as we look back over a life spent trusting God's plans even during the challenging times. Joseph is not only able to save his family from starving to death, but he is able to forgive them too. Through the eyes of faith we are able to see that God can use challenging circumstances as a tool to accomplish his will in and through us.
At the end of Genesis, Joseph was reunited with his brothers twenty-two years after they sold him off as a slave. What strikes you about Joseph’s attitude toward his brothers and the way he treats them? What does this teach us about the condition of his heart and the depth of his faith?
The stage is set for the next chapter in The Story, one that will bring great sorrow and great deliverance for the nation of Israel, God's people.

The Story - Next Steps

1. Use this week's Go Deeper Guide (link below) to understand and apply this teaching in your family or among friends.2. Keep a journal of your discoveries as you explore the big picture of the Bible.3. Join the Foundations class in person or online this Wednesday, 6:30-7:30pm for a pastor-led teaching/discussion on this topic.4. Invite a friend to join us in this journey through God’s Word together.

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