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Sunday 1.24.2021
Welcome to Sunday worship at Cordova Neighborhood Church. We are a community of believers in Rancho Cordova, CA. Presently, we're live streaming on Facebook Live. Meet us there.
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Cordova Neighborhood Church Service LiveStream at 11AM

Tap the link then come back to take and save notes. The link takes you directly to the Live Stream and will be live starting at 10:45am. News and communication tools are at the bottom of this page.
Sermon Series: Who is Jesus? Finding Answers In The Gospel of Mark
Message: We Fail When We Aren't Rooted In Truth
Pastor Phil Cooley

Take notes online or print a pdf.
1.We fail when we think marriage is for _____________________.
2. We fail when we see marriage as ________________.
3. We fail when we don't recognize that marriage is even more a ____________ than it is ________________ .
4. We fail when we don't address those who ______________ what God intended for ___________ .
Board members serve for a term of 3 years. Our thanks to Joy Cleaver and Mary Kelley, who are finishing their terms this year, for their faithful service on the Board.

Board nominees are chosen by the Nomination Committee. Members of the congregation may suggest additional candidates by submitting names in writing at least three weeks prior to the vote.
Pray for our Alliance International Workers: SPAIN

“We thank God for His care and the healing of pastors and wives in Spain and Italy who have had COVID,” writes Field Director Tim Westergren. “Those with pneumonia have recovered!” Thanks to all who prayed!

“Thanks for your intercession for Dr. Sonia Maldonado,” Tim writes. She lost her voice because of a severe cold; after 16 days, she can still speak only in a whisper. Ask God to restore her voice so she can teach the Philippians module to Bethany Missions Training School students this month in Alicante.

January Giving Monthly Budget $29,033.81

Giving this month $ 20,889.83
Needed to make budget $ 8,143.98
Missions giving $ 1,153.53

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