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Uncertain: The Church During Difficult Times (Wk5)
This five-week series explores characters from the Bible who experienced seasons of uncertainty—the “in-between” trials of life. Job, Daniel, Abraham, Paul and the disciples all experienced times of frustration, pain, suffering, and difficult questions. We too experience these difficult times, and it’s vital that even in the midst of hard circumstances the church relies on God to carry us through.
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  • Family Worship Center
    219 Kearney Ave, Raton, NM 87740, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM

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Today we are going to discuss the disciples. We have looked at Job, Daniel, and Abraham as examples in the last 3 weeks. If You want to catch up on those, they are all available at Then next week we are going to look at the life of Paul.
Acts of the Apostles 1:6-8 NLT

Big Idea: The disciples were challenged by Jesus and had to change the way they saw God and the world.
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Application Point: We will let our expectations be shaped by Jesus and not by our own desires.
-We live in an instant culture.
Nothing is more instant than the microwave. Food can go from frozen to ready within a minute or two.

We are so used to instant communication that when someone doesn’t text us back right away we aren’t sure what is taking them so long! We are so used to instant entertainment that we need to be able to live stream games, movies, and TV shows from the comfort of our couch, whenever we want—and there better not be a hiccup in the signal.

We have become so accustomed to instant that we might wonder why the birth of Jesus didn’t happen immediately in Genesis 4 after the fall of Adam and Eve.

But God is wise, and he wants to work his redemption throughout human history. There are no quick fixes for sin and its disastrous affects. (There is redemption, but that doesn't always get you out of your consequences on this earth. If you were to murder and God got a hold of your heart in the midst of the trial and you gave your life to Jesus...that doesn't mean that you won't go to jail, but it does mean that eternity separated from God is not your final outcome.)

Look, God is not a microwave God; he cooks a good home-cooked meal from scratch. Most people if they were given the choice between a TV dinner or a home-cooked meal would prefer the latter. Yes, it takes more time, more effort, and maybe more frustration, but in the end it’s worth it (and it’s usually better for you too).

Folks, what I am really trying to get across today is that there is no easy way out! There are uncertain times ahead, BUT GOD!!
This space left open to write notes as Pastor Josh seems to go down rabbit trails...