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    Sunday 10:30 AM
Welcome to South and this Live YouVersion Event. Today Pastor Scott is taking a look into the insights that we can learn from the year 2020, in hindsight. It's always easier to interpret events from after they have passed. We hope that you will enjoy the notes and Scriptures below, to supplement Pastor Scott's message!
We've experienced instability in our emotions.

It's an emotion that combines a little bit of sadness, with a little bit of fear, with a little bit of anger, as well as a little bit of disappointment all rolled up into one.

We've experienced instability in relationships

More than ever before, it has felt like we not only have had to choose sides on so many different things, but it has also felt like the side we end up choosing is going to lead to the fracture, if not the complete destruction of relationships in our lives.
There is good news!

The good news is that we have a source of truth that we can turn to, that shares with us where stability can be found in the midst of such an unstable environment.
Foundation for Stability

1) Worship
2) Prayer
Lament -> Confession and Repentance -> God's Promises

Prayers of deep trust that God keeps his word and accomplishes his purpose, and there is nothing that can stop him--these are comforting prayers.

The church was made for such a time as this! A time filled with all kinds of instability and uncertainty which has led to fear, anxiousness, anger, discouragement, rage, loss of hope. The church, which is made up of Christ-followers like you and I, should be a place where stability is seen and can be found. However, the only way it can be seen is if we start by choosing carefully who we are going to worship.There are a lot of different things that the world tries to get us to worship, but as we have seen this year, those things make for sorry gods. And in the end, they bring nothing but instability and uncertainty to our lives. The other way the church is going to be a place where stability is seen is if we are a people who get back to prioritizing the importance of prayer in our lives.

Secret Sister

We all know that in today's world it is so easy to FEEL disconnected-- or actually BE disconnected-- from people in our lives. So, in Spring 2021 the SBC Women's Ministry Team wants to reconnect you with your sisters in Christ and maybe even meet a new sister!Join us and become a Secret Sister to an awesome woman within our own church family!What is it to be a Secret Sister? You will be assigned a Sister, and over 3 months you will commit to praying for them, encouraging them with a note, or maybe even surprising them with a treat to brighten their day once in a while.If you would like to participate, please fill out the survey at the link below by January 24 so we can provide someone with information about you! Please reach out to Carrie West if you have any questions!

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