Resurrection Life Church
01172021 | Fighting for the Promise Land | Allen Hickman | Part 3
In order to take the promise land like God has promised we have to be able to see it first. If you can’t see it, you will never receive it. God told the children of Israel about the city of Jericho, “see, I have given you the city.” Unfortunately, we as Christians make things a little convoluted because our own views and perspectives have a tendency to mar the view and perspective that God wants us to see. We must see through His eyes and through His heart. When we do, we not only “take the promise land” but we bring life to those around us in the process. When we see like He sees we can then see the strongholds that need to be torn down so we can take the city!
Locations & Times
  • Resurrection Life Church
    795 Memorial Blvd, Picayune, MS 39466, USA
    Sunday 8:00 AM
Review: This year for strongholds in our promise land to come down
· God is in charge
· Can’t do it alone
· Must put off things of the flesh
· You are a sign of the covenant
Taking Strongholds

Following Jesus in the promise land takes faith

· See through His eyes
· See through what He has done
· See through his heart
· See through His word

. Seeing through the world and Satan it is fear, worry and anxiety
. Faith walk is not achieved by human wisdom

· Participate with our mouth
· Power in your mouth
· Life and death
· I give that stronghold life
· I give that stronghold death

1. Sometimes it’s important to be silent

Spent 40 years in the wilderness

· Murmuring
· Griping
· Complain

2. Speak the Word

Vs 16 “shout, for the Lord has given you the city”

· What has God said?
· What does His Word day?
· Power of agreement (you and God)
· Worship is part of this, I declare who God is

Speak in the right time
3. You will speak what is in your heart
Vs 5 “Great Shout”
· Shout of victory
· Shout of belief
· Whole-hearted
Are you building strongholds in yourself and others?
Are you part of freeing the promises in you and others?