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What is Your Resurrection Day?
How the resurrection of Jesus gives you a celebration better than any birthday party.
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What is Your Resurrection Day?

Genesis 2:7, 2:15-17
The Lord God gave life-physical and spiritual

Genesis 3:4-6
We chose death-first spiritual, then physical

Ephesians 2:1-3
You are Dead!
You are dead 💀 in your sins outside of Jesus-
not just sick 🤒
not injured 🤕
not low self-esteem 😔
not just in need of a little encouragement 👏🏽

You are under the power and dominion of Satan outside of Jesus

You deserve the righteous wrath of God outside of Jesus

3 examples of dead-
Jarius‘ young daughter Luke 8:40-56
The only adult son of a widow Luke 7:11-17
Lazarus John 11:1-43 esp. vs. 39

Ephesians 2:4-7
But God...makes us alive!
God’s rich mercy and great love for you
God makes us alive with Jesus even though we are dead
saved, resurrected by grace
we are raised-resurrected and seated in Heaven
We are and will be a display of God’s kindness

I Peter 1:3/ Romans 6:4
The Resurrection Of Jesus Resurrects Us-
Jesus’ Resurrection gives us a new birth, a second birth, a birth from above

this birth is a spiritual resurrection

this spiritual resurrection is a foreshadow of our physical resurrection

2 resurrections-
Spiritually-when we repent and trust Jesus
Physically/bodily-when we physically die

We all have a birthday 👶 🎁 🎂
What/When is your spiritual birthday/resurrection day?

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