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I Am - The Good Shepherd
Senior Pastor Jon Saur
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In the Gospel of John, Jesus introduces himself to the world through a variety of metaphors that begin with two words - I am. "I am the true vine... the bread of life... the light of the world...", etc. In his own words, Jesus illuminated his character and truest identity. This week's worship continues our six week series called, Two Words That Change Everything - I Am.
The most important thing to remember from the "Sheep" metaphors in scripture is that it's not about the sheep - it's about the Shepherd. The point of these metaphors is that God loves you and cares about you, deeply and passionately.
Christian Philosopher Dallas Willard wrote: "Our failure to hear God's voice when we want is due to the fact that we do not in general want to hear it, that we want it only when we think we need it."

God can break through to us in dramatic moments, but hearing God's voice consistently throughout our day-to-day lives requires practice. Learning to listen to Jesus' voice takes time, reflection on scripture and being a part of a community that can constantly guide you, challenge you and question you.
Dallas Willard also gives this advice on a way to reflect on scripture, as we practice hearing God's voice:

“Come to your chosen passage as to a place where you will have a holy meeting with God. Read a small part of the passage and dwell on it, praying for the assistance of God’s Spirit in bringing fully before your mind and into your life the realities expressed. Always ask, ‘What is my life like since this is true, and how shall I speak and act because of this?’ You may wish to turn the passage into a prayer of praise or request.”
One of the classic stories about hearing God comes from 1 Kings 19, when Elijah the prophet goes to the top of a mountain to hear God's voice. Elijah must wait patiently for the noise to pass before he can hear God's voice. Patience is needed when discerning where God's voice is coming from. The story is below.
Again, if there is nothing else you get from this sermon, please understand this: God loves you and cares for you deeply. God also loves and cares for the people in your life, even the ones you disagree with or consider enemies. Any voice that distracts you from that truth is not the Good Shepherd's voice.

1. What do you know about ancient sheepherding and ancient sheep gates? Do you have insights that others can learn from?

2. How do you think Jesus speaks to you? From what sources do you believe you hear Jesus' "voice" most clearly?

3. When have you mistaken another voice for Jesus' voice? (It's okay to admit, we've all done it.)

4. What criteria do you use to determine if something you hear is from Jesus or from a "robber or thief?"
Questions for Families with Children

1. Who are some people you listen to and trust?

2. Do you think God can speak through those people?

3. Can you think of ways to tell if what someone says lines up with what God wants or not?

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