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January 10, 2021
Welcome! NH is starting the year on point: Let's dial in and deepen our God-walk in 2021. There's something for everyone, no matter where you might be in your God-walk. We're glad you're here.
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WELCOME TO NH. We're glad you're here.


January 2021: NH's Month of Prayer & Vision.


January: Month of Prayer & Vision. Looking to God for a New Year.

“How to Walk with God.” We’re dialing into our God-walk in the New Year.

90 Days of Prayer & Fasting. May God pour out in abundance upon NH in 2021. Our goal: 100 participants. Sign up on the NH website. Begins today! (Scroll down for link)

Reading the Gospels in 90 Days. Reading Groups for encouragement & comments using the YouVersion Bible App. Begins 1-18-21. Signup on website. (Scroll down for link)

Haiti Scholars. The NH Orphanage is home to 9+ children. Please help us give them and education as well. Contribute in full or in part to nine (9) scholarships. (Scroll down for link)

A new way of gathering virtually. Looking forward to our own gathering space for Sunday morning worship. Coming in January!

Sunday Morning Prayer Chat Room: 217-866-0099. Call during our worship songs.

NH Kids Ministry. Please contact:

Jr. High/Middle School and Sr. High Axis. In-person (off-site) and virtual opportunities available. Please contact:

Effective until further notice. All indoor, in-person worship & groups are suspended until further notice. COVID cases and hospitalizations have spiked in our county. Please stay safe and well.

Begins Sunday, January 10. CLICK BELOW.

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Beginning Sunday, January 10, we're praying & fasting* over a 90 day period through Easter for our church and its ministries.  We're asking God for a powerful outpouring of His Spirit for 2021 and beyond. Help us reach our goal of 100 prayer partners! We will be discussing fasting during our worship services.  We're encouraging prayer partners to experiment with this Biblical practice of fasting a meal, or two, or a day, each week for 90 days.  We'll discover how powerful God's gift of fasting is in our prayer life and God-walk.

CLICK BELOW for Reading the Four Gospels in 90 Days.

BEGINNING MONDAY, JANUARY 18. We're reading Matthew, Mark, Luke & John together from January to Easter week. We're using the YouVersion Bible App for form Reading Groups with hosts for conversation and encouragement. CLICK BELOW for details and signup.

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We're making a difference in Haiti.  The NH Orphanage is home to 9+ children, all who were homeless.  Now they are secure, sheltered, fed, clothed and learning about Jesus.  You're weekly giving to NH funds our efforts.
Let's help them receive and education as well.  A year of schooling is $300 per child.  We're seeking to fund nine (9) students this year.  We'd love for you to fund a child in full or partially.
Please CLICK BELOW for online giving.  Please select "Haiti Scholars" from the drop-down menu.  Thanks, New Horizon!

How to walk with God. We must come to grips with an essential truth if we're to be fruitful in our God-walk. Jesus came to let us know: God is not our enemy.

Scripture Passage. John 10:10

1. Who is the “thief” Jesus speak of, and what’s one of his chief strategies in our lives? (John 10:10)

2. What was the first recorded lie of the wicked one in the Scriptures, and perhaps his greatest? (Genesis 3:1-5)

3. What has been the fallout of the wicked one’s initial lie, and how does it continue to affect us? (Genesis 3:8)

4. How did Jesus’ ministry address the initial and ongoing lie of the wicked one? (John 14:6)

5. How does the truth about God affect our lives? (John 8:31-32)

6. What does the truth of God teach us about our relationship with God? (John 3:16-18, Joshua 5:13-14)

7. What is the opposite of enemy? (1 John 2:1-2)


In what ways has the wicked one’s big lie affected your view of God? What has shaped your view of God?

God is certainly on our side. In what aspects of your life are on God’s side. In what aspects of your life might you be living outside of God’s will?


Let’s begin believing truth. It’s the Scriptures that correct the wicked one’s lies about God. What will be your Daily Bible Reading Plan for 2021? We invite you to join NH in Reading the Gospel in 90 Days.

Let’s walk with Jesus. If you’ve not trusted Christ, we encourage you to do so today. A great way to sustain our walk with God is a consistent, personal prayer life. We invite you to use the “prayer prompts” from NH’s 90 Days of Prayer & Fasting as a starting point.

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