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Praying and Living -- "Come, Kingdom of God!"
At the beginning of this New Year, in the midst of struggle and upheaval, we have the opportunity to be gripped by the call of Jesus. He comes proclaiming a different way of living, a way of rescuing and healing a broken world. He calls us to join him in this mission of God.
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  • Puyallup Nazarene Church
    1026 7th Ave SW, Puyallup, WA 98371, USA
    Saturday 5:30 PM
Jesus speaks a dangerous prayer into a dangerous environment.
"Come, Kingdom of God!" -- It's personal and it's social.
An opportune time for repentance.
An urgent time to decide to be followers of Jesus.
A strategic time to engage…to participate in what God is performing.
Discussion and Application Questions for Group Life Communities and Personal Study-

We encourage you to use the observe, interpret, apply method of studying the scriptures. Your own observations, questions and application will serve you the best as you dig into the text. The following questions are giving as tools for you to make your own personal discoveries and action steps. Share your thoughts with others.

Read Matthew 6: 9-13....also refer to Isaiah 61:1-4 (Luke 4.17-19)


- What does it mean that Jesus used ‘our’ Father rather than ‘my’ Father in the prayer?

- What are the three thou/you petitions?

- What are the three we/us petitions? What is the difference between the two sets of petitions?

- What is the difference in the translation of ‘evil’ or ‘evil one’?


- Why do you think Jesus talks about the kingdom in heaven and on earth?

- How do you interpret the idea of a kingdom rule or reign today?

- Is Jesus talking about a present or future kingdom or both?

- What does it mean to submit yourself to God’s rule? Why is this difficult?


- What truth has the Holy Spirit revealed to you in this study?

- How can you personally apply these ideas in your public life this week?

- Who do you know that needs to hear this good news this week? How can you share it with them?

- What open doors of opportunity do you anticipate this week? How can the group pray for you?

Next week: Next Sunday.....Heaven Comes to Earth

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