Christ Community Wesleyan Church
1-10-21 "Heart of Unity"
Locations & Times
  • Christ Community Wesleyan Church
    6275 Kenney Memorial Ln, Albany, OH 45710, USA
    Sunday 8:00 AM
Title: Heart of Unity
Series: Unity in Community
Date: January 10th
Big Thought: Biblical unity is OUTWARD action, derived from INWARD transformation.
Outward Sign of Inward Faithfulness
Exodus 12
The process of preparation reveals the SUFFICIENCY of God.
Implication: Engage your journey as a GIFT of preparation.
Only a PERFECT LAMB can bring authentic transformation!
Implication: Accept Jesus as your PERFECT Lamb.
The Lord did not check to see who was inside the house. Instead He checked for the BLOOD on the doorpost.
Implication: Only the blood of the LAMB can cover us.
Bottom Line: The transformation that Christ does on the INSIDE produces a LIVED-OUT unifying spirit on the OUTSIDE.
Reflection because of the Lamb…