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Title: Nothing To Offer
Scripture: Luke 18:15-17
Speaker: Tim Spanburg,
>> What we miss about the Kingdom of God
"The Kingdom of God. GOD’ COMPREHENSIVE. RULE OVER ALL CREATION. If God’s kingdom is comprehensive, so is His Kingdom agenda - His plan and program for the people and places under His dominion."
-Tony Evans, Oneness Embraced
"The range of God’s effective will where what God wants done is done."
- Dallas Willard
>> What we miss about children
>> Why should Jesus’ time be taken up with persons of such little importance?
>> What we cannot miss - or else we miss the Kingdom
“Receiving the kingdom” is intimately tied to “receiving little children.” That is, the wording of v 17 masks an ellipsis: ‘Whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as one receives a little child will never enter it.” “Receiving little children” is tantamount to granting them hospitality, performing for them actions (washing of feet, kiss of greeting, and anointing the head - 7:44-46) normally reserved for those of equal or higher status. That is, Jesus is asking his followers to embrace a topsy-turvy system of values and to extend respectful service to that social group most often overlooked." - Joel Green
>> We have relationships that make no sense.
"Perpetua woke up, went to Felicitas, raised her up, and the two stood side by side - a patrician and a slave reflexively and highly visibly expressing Christian horizontality." - Alan Kreider, The Patient Ferment of the Early Church
>> We pay attention to the people everyone else forgets.
>> We receive divine hospitality even though we have nothing to offer.

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