Cordova Neighborhood Church
Sunday 1.3.2021
Welcome to Sunday worship at Cordova Neighborhood Church. We are a community of believers in Rancho Cordova, CA. Presently, we're live streaming on Facebook Live. Meet us there.
Locations & Times
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    Sunday 11:00 AM
Due to the possibility of rain, we are canceling the drive in service. As usual, the service will be streamed on Facebook at 11. Weather permitting, we will plan on having our next drive in service the first Sunday in February. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know.

Cordova Neighborhood Church Service LiveStream at 11AM

Tap the link then come back to take and save notes. The link takes you directly to the Live Stream and will be live starting at 10:45am. News and communication tools are at the bottom of this page.
Sermon Series: Who is Jesus? Finding Answers In The Gospel of Mark
Message: The Glorious One Who Comes In Power
Pastor Phil Cooley

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1. No ___________________, no _______________ .
2. Know ____________________, know __________________ .
3. Know _________________, know _________________ on the _________________ .
Pray for our Alliance International Workers: FRANCE

The church in Limoges will experience a challenging transition with the departure of two of four elders in mid-2021. With Alliance international workers Ray and Carol Simon leaving for home assignment in May, this will leave quite a void, especially since the congregation will be without a pastor in the foreseeable future. Pray for the two elders who will be left with the heavy load of leading the church and that others will step up to assist. Pray also for a pastor to be willing to come and help out at least once a month. “We need a miracle!” the Simons write.
December Giving Monthly Budget $28,615.95

Giving this month $ 26,364.05
Below budget $ 2,251.90
Missions giving $ 1,684.03

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