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In The Image of God
Our series this year is entitles "Foundations" and focuses on the basics of biblical literacy. We ask does it mean to be created in God's image; pondering on our identity as sons/daughters of God and the potential in the calling to be like Christ. As we follow God, we seek to reflect His character.
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Christ’s Church exists to connect people to Christ, the Church and the Community.
You are a child of God, created in His image.
We were created in God’s image.
What that doesn’t mean:
- It doesn’t mean we look like God physically. God is Spirit.
- It doesn’t mean that you are a god. We are not little mini-gods here.
- You will never have the power or wisdom of God. You will not become omniscient. You will not be able to know what is in the heart of a person.
What that does mean:
- Above the Animals: We are created above the animals. I am not just an animal who lives by instinct.
- God’s image: God’s character; creative desire; Spiritual being; Infinite and Eternal nature.
- My image: Soul: character; creativity; Spiritual being: not just physical; Finite and Eternal.
-This means I have potential: Each of us has the potential to become more like God in terms of our character.
My goal is to become more like God in my character.
Meditating on God and His law.
Mimic God: We will begin to act more like our Father.
His Creative Nature – gifts and talents being used for God’s glory; painting; building; singing; writing; ALL to HIS Glory and Honor.
His Spiritual Focus: Not just focusing on the physical but on the spiritual: are you so caught up in the material world that you are missing what God has for you in the spiritual world.
His Desire for Community: this desire is understood from the following facts.
God is 3 in 1. So that attribute would tend to help us see that God is in community.
God created the family unit. It was not good that Adam was alone, so God created a partner for man. So God created them male and female.
God created the family of faith called the Church.
DISC Personality Assessment has 4 different personalities.
Dominant: Direct; decisive; a doer; Sometimes domineering and demanding.
Influential: Inspirational; Interactive; Interesting; Sometimes impulsive and irritating
Steady: Stable; Supportive; Sincere; Sometimes slow and sensitive.
Compliant: Cautious; Careful; Conscientious; Sometimes calculating and condescending.

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