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    Wednesday 10:00 AM
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    Wednesday 10:00 AM

What lessons did you learn from your experiences in the year 2020?

What Growth Goals are you pursuing in this new year?

Hold fast without wavering
Hold unswervingly...
Hold firmly...
The new year gives us the opportunity to hold fast to corporate and visible unity that represents God's presence and promises.

>>> Hold fast without wavering to God and God's promises.

Overfamiliarity with God can be very detrimental to our spiritual maturity.

>>> Hold fast to a mission presence.

Love makes the invisible God visible.

In the absence of prayer we embrace the presence of pride.

Have we received God's gift of PEACE?

>>> Hold fast to God-shaped Community.

Family is a dynamic that cannot be substituted by technology.

We are a God-shaped corporate and visible gathering blessed to be a gift of grace to one another.