Bethany Baptist Church
Sunday Worship - January 3, 2021
Sunday morning worship @ 10:30AM
Locations & Times
  • Bethany Baptist Church
    2353 E Grand Blanc Rd, Grand Blanc, MI 48439, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM
Prayer Gathering at 9:00 am
“Our Walk: Spiritual Warfare”
Ephesians 6:10-20

1. General Prayer about the Spiritual Battle:
Pray that the entirety of our church body would catch a passion to be engaged in the corporate prayer life of our church.

Pray that our prayer life would grow to encompass not merely the physical needs we face (important as they are), but that we would grow to utilize prayer to communicate with God about the diverse spiritual needs that we face.

Pray that we would remain persistently alert in our prayers.

Pray that we would remember to pray for all of our brothers and sisters.

2. Specific Prayer about the Spiritual Battle:
What spiritual battles are you facing that we ought to be bringing before the Lord? In what ways is the Lord moving you to grow?

Where is the enemy at work?

What discouragements are you facing in your Christian walk?

What areas of your spiritual life do you need the Lord’s help to help you persevere? Are there particular areas that have been troubling to your faith? Are there areas of doubt? Are there things God is doing that you are struggling to understand? How can we be praying for those areas?

Worship through Giving

As God has so richly blessed us in Christ may we be faithful to use our resources for Him
Worship through Song:
Behold the Lamb
Jesus Thank You
At the Cross
Thank You from the Roeper Family
Thank you for the kindness you’ve shown to us through your gracious Christmas gift. We are truly appreciative of your sacrifice on our behalf. Love, Pastor Mike, Kelly, Autumn, Calvin, Kate, and Nora
Wednesday Children’s Programs and Adult Christian Education Resume this Week
We hope you enjoyed your time with your family as you focused your attention on Christ’s birth and the New Year. This week we plan to resume our normal Wednesday teaching ministries at 6:30 pm. We hope to see you there.

Bottle Deposits for Missions
If you would be interested in donating your cans, please contact Pastor Jonathan and he will arrange a time with you to bring your cans to the church building.