Bethany Baptist Church
Sunday Worship - December 27, 2020
Sunday morning worship @ 10:30AM
Locations & Times
  • Bethany Baptist Church
    2353 E Grand Blanc Rd, Grand Blanc, MI 48439, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM
Prayer Gathering at 9:00 am
“Anticipating a New Year”

1. God for All He Has Done in 2020:
What has God done for you in 2020?
What has God done in you in 2020?
What has God done amongst your family and loved ones in 2020?
What has God done in our church in 2020?

2. Pray for God’s Will to Be Pursued in 2021:
In your spiritual walk and in the spiritual walk of one another
In the specific tasks that God has called you to pursue
In the direction of our church and in the direction of the churches in our area

3. Pray for God’s Gospel to Be Heard and Received in 2021:
That we would all be faithful ministers of the Gospel
That specific friends, neighbors, coworkers would hear and respond to the Gospel
That Jesus’ name would be known and believed amongst our community

4. Pray for God to Work in Other Areas of Need in 2021
What specific needs for you have in 2021?
What other needs exist amongst our body for which we should appeal to the Lord?
What specific areas do we need to pray for God to move?
What other specific areas or works do we need God’s help to accomplish?

Worship through Giving

As God has so richly blessed us in Christ may we be faithful to use our resources for Him
Worship through Song: The Plan
What a Beautiful Name
Exalted Over All
King of Kings
Christ Be Magnified
Thank You from the Wass Family
Traci, Ethan, Benjamin, and I would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to you all for your generosity over this Christmas season. Beyond that, we are grateful to the Lord for being able to minister here at Bethany. The last year has been one we do not regret having to leave behind, but we have been grateful for our church family even in the midst of a difficult year. Being a part of this church family has been a joy and spending time with our church family has been the highlight of many of the more difficult moments of 2020. May God bless our ministry together in 2021.

The Wass Family

No Wednesday Children’s Programs or Adult Christian Education
No Wednesday Children’s Programs or Adult Christian Education: This week (Wednesday, December 30) there will be no Wednesday services. We hope you enjoy your time with your family as your focus your attention on Christ’s birth and the upcoming New Year.

Bottle Deposits for Missions
If you would be interested in donating your cans, please contact Pastor Jonathan and he will arrange a time with you to bring your cans to the church building.