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Christ is the fulfillment of God’s plan for redemption. Our Christmas series this year, entitled "Naming Jesus," explores some of the many different names for Jesus throughout the scriptures.
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Christ is the fulfillment of God’s plan for redemption.
Christ and Messiah are two names that mean the same thing: the anointed One.

Origins of Messiah:
- The Fall of Man created a need for Messiah.
- Throughout scripture we see Satan’s efforts to stop hinder God’s plan.
- Through all of these efforts, God kept His covenant promise.
- The prophets would add their own visions and dreams to the Messianic messages.

He would…
- Come from the line of Judah
- Be of the house of Jesse
- Reign universally
- Minister to the needy

Throughout the NT Jesus is referred to as “Jesus Christ”, “Jesus the Christ” or “Jesus the Messiah”.

Jesus referred to himself as Messiah.

The facts of Jesus’ life and ministry point to Him being the Messiah.

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