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December 20, 2020: Zechariah rejoices at John’s Birth
These are the Bible passage and sermon notes for our Sunday morning worship services.
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    Sunday 9:30 AM
  • CrossWay Church
    Sunday 10:00 AM
Luke 1:57-80: Zechariah rejoices at John’s Birth
I) Gabriel's words are fulfilled.
A) Elizabeth has a baby __________!
B) They named their son, ________________.
C) Zechariah can ____________ again!
D) The people were filled in _____________ and wondered what would happen to John.
II) Zechariah's Spirit-Filled Prophetic Song
A) Zechariah praises God for the salvation he has brought.
1) God _____________ and brings salvation to his people.
2) This redeemer will fulfill God’s promise to ____________ and mightily reign forever.
3) The _______________ foretold this redeemer was coming.
4) This redeemer will fulfill God’s promises to ____________ and be a blessing to people from all over the world.
5) This redeemer will allow his people to stand without ___________ before a holy and righteousness God.
6) This redeemer will enable his people to ___________ him!
B) Zechariah praises God for the role his son will play in God’s redemptive plan.
1) John will be a _______ who will prepare the way for this Messiah.
2) John will teach the people of Israel about the salvation that will come from the __________________ of their sins.
III) Application for today
A) Jesus Christ still offers us this ____________ today.
B) God can use periods of ____________ to deepen our faith.
C) The people of God are redeemed to ___________.

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