Cordova Neighborhood Church
Sunday 12.13.2020
Welcome to Sunday worship at Cordova Neighborhood Church. We are a community of believers in Rancho Cordova, CA. Presently, we're live streaming on Facebook Live. Meet us there.
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    Sunday 11:00 AM

Cordova Neighborhood Church Service LiveStream at 11AM

Tap the link then come back to take and save notes. The link takes you directly to the Live Stream and will be live starting at 10:45am. News and communication tools are at the bottom of this page.
Sermon Series: The Character of God: A Christmas Story
Message: Our God of Loyal Love
Pastor Phil Cooley

Take notes online or print a pdf.
1. Hesed is like _________________.
Hesed is like _________________.
2. Loyal love is __________________.
3. Loyal love ____________ the ___________.
4. In loyal love a _________________ is _______________.

Start your Christmas Eve with us

Christmas Giving Opportunities

Christmas time can be a hard time financially for some. In 2020, this is especially true. You can help by donating to the benevolent fund. The Elders will use the benevolent fund to assist those in need in the church. Your gift can make someone's Christmas a little brighter!
You can also give to a Christmas love gift for our pastors and children's and youth directors. This gift is a thank you to them for all they do throughout the year.

Women's Zoom Christmas Event

Join us for a time of singing, prayer, and reflection.  Mid-December is the perfect time to meet around the topic and person of Immanuel. You might have burdens, fears and sadness. And you might be tempted to not come because of these.  Sign-up anyway. Bring your cares with you.
Our prayer is that you'll leave with God's presence, love, and power. And you'll know you have a group of ladies who have your back.
Jenny Arnez will be our facilitator. Join us December 16. The zoom link will open at 6:45PM and we'll start right at 7.
Sign up today!
December Giving Monthly Budget $28,615.95

Giving this month $ 2,507.10
Needed to make budget $26,108.85
Missions giving $ 421.41

Communication Slip

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Sunday KidMin with Miss Sonja today at 10:00

Kids can have their own fun with Miss Sonja on Zoom.

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