Raider Church
We’ve all made mistakes in our dating relationships. In this 3 week series, we will talk about 3 of the most common, how to avoid them and what to do when you mess up. Bring a friend or 10 and join us for our launch! #IfWeDate
Locations & Times
  • City Bank Auditorium
    Drive of Champions, Lubbock, TX 79409, USA
    Tuesday 9:00 PM
“The Bible ... is, to be sure, fully aware of lust and the misuse of sex; but at the same time it is forthright in approving the wholesomeness of sex. The passionate, physical attraction between man and woman, who find in this the fulfillment of their deepest longings, is seen as a healthy, natural thing.” (NIV Application Commentary)
“Sex was designed as an adhesive. It’s sticky, meant to help hold two people together permanently. Thus the term unites. Sex has a uniting quality. If you apply, remove, reapply, and re-remove an adhesive, it begins to lose its adhesiveness. Every time you have sex with a different partner, you apply, remove, then reapply this powerful but somewhat fragile relational uniter. Eventually your sexual experience will begin to lose
its stickiness. The way you’ll know is because sex will begin to lose its significance.”
- Andy Stanley
“The Bible does not counsel sexual abstinence before marriage because it has such a low view of sex but because it has such a lofty one. The Biblical view implies that sex outside of marriage is not just morally wrong but also personally harmful. If sex is designed to be part of making a covenant and experiencing that covenant’s renewal, then we should think of sex as an emotional “commitment apparatus.””
- Tim Keller (Meaning of Marriage)
Sex is for married people, not because God is against sex, but
because God is FOR you. #IfWeDate @raiderchurch