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Christmas Portraits—Part 1
The Christmas story is full of wonder—a virgin birth, angelic messengers, and mysterious visitors that travel hundreds of miles to worship a newborn baby. Amidst all of the unusual details of that night, some people simply didn’t care. Some even became hostile. The news of Jesus’ birth should’ve brought joy for everyone but, surprisingly, it didn’t. Together, we’ll gain insight and learn lessons from the perplexing reactions by some key characters in the Bible’s most well-known story. Join us as we explore Christmas Portraits.
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Battle Belongs, Joy to the World, How Great is Your Love, What a Beautiful Name
Christmas Portraits—Part 1
[Tim Haring]
Problem | Living out our faith in a world hostile to Christ
Solution | We can trust that God is sovereign when it seems the world is against us
"Herod was a cruel and crafty man who permitted no one, not even his own family, to interfere with his rule or prevent the satisfying of his evil desires. A ruthless murderer, he had his own wife and her two brothers slain because he suspected them of treason. He was married at least nine times in order to fulfill his lusts and strengthen his political ties." –Wiersbe
"He had three of his own sons killed, and when he was himself near death, he left orders that one member of each family (throughout his kingdom) should be executed on his death so that the whole nation would really be in mourning." –Josephus
"The words they use mean “born king,” not “born to be king,” as is often said; they are talking about what he (the baby Jesus) is, not what he will be." –L. Morris
"Since Bethlehem is only about six miles from Jerusalem, Herod would have expected the Magi to be back with him within a day or two of his sending them on their way." –L. Morris
"It is likely that not more than 20 children were slain. But, of course, 1 is too many!" –Wiersbe
“King Herod’s reaction to Christ is, in a sense, a picture of us all. If you want to be king, and someone else comes along saying he is the king, then one of you has to give in. Only one person can sit on an absolute throne.” –Tim Keller
“…of course, what mattered most of all was my deep-seated hatred of authority, my monstrous individualism, my lawlessness. No word in my vocabulary expressed deeper hatred than the word interference. …Christianity placed at the center what then seemed to me a transcendental Interferer.” –C.S. Lewis

"Earthly kings like Herod may try to circumvent the divine purpose, but in the end, they are always defeated." –L. Morris

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