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Revelation - Heaven is Closer Than You Think and Better Than You Imagine
Certain hope in uncertain times.
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Where is it written?
Read Revelation 4
What do you notice first about the scene being described?
What attributes is God worshipped for? (Make a list.)
What are the people and creatures around the throne doing?
If you were to describe this scene in your own words - how would you?

How goes your walk?
How does this revelation of heaven expand or challenge what people often imagine about heaven?
What excites you or scares you in this revelation of heaven?
How does the reality of heaven change your life now?

Biblical Symbols in This Passage:
7 = Completion/ Perfection (7 days in a week)
12 = Authority / Perfection (12 Tribes, 12 Apostles, 12 loaves etc.)
See Isaiah 6 and Ezekial 1 for previous throneroom visions.

Some commentators believe the three non-human-faced creatures symbolize the leaders within the animal world. The lion (king of wild animals). The ox (king of domesticated animals). The eagle (king of the birds).

Values Throughout Our Study of Revelation:
* Expect literal future fulfillment. But be careful about predictions!
* Look for past fulfillment.
* Look for timeless biblical symbols, truths, and principles.
* Be teachable.

Series Challenges:
* Read Revelation (Bonus - Read Daniel 7-12)
* Develop and Deepen a Christian Worldview
* Focus on the Finish Line (Memorize Revelation 21:1-4, 22:1-5)

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