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Sunday November 22, 2020 Worship Gathering
Worship Gathering of Kihei Baptist Chapel. Series: Words of Life, the Gospel of John. Today's Text: John 8:39-59 Today's Title: How to Never Die
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    1655 S Kihei Rd, Kihei, HI 96753, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM
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    Sunday 10:00 AM
I. You Belong to the Family of God (8:37-44)
A. A different covenant (37-41)
Abrahamic - Between Abraham & God. (Unconditional)
Genesis 12:1-3
A promised nation - A PEOPLEA promised land - A KINGDOMA promised blessing - A SAVIOR

Palestinian - Between God & Nation (Unconditional)
Deuteronomy 30
Restoration after repentanceClarified the scope of the Promised Land (kingdom)

Mosaic - Between God & Moses. (Conditional)
Exodus 19-24
Moses is representative for the people of IsraelBlessings in the land for obedience under the LawPunishment & exile for disobedience to the Law

Davidic - Between God & David. (Unconditional)
2 Samuel 7 cf. Gen.3:15
Promised to be David to be King of IsraelPromised Royal Linage (David’s heirs)Promised Eternal King / Kingdom - Jesus

New - Between Jesus and all people begin w/ Israel
Jeremiah 31
God’s greatest blessing to all nations.A New Heart (to Israel) and all believersEternal Life through Jesus.
II. You Believe the Truth about Jesus (8:45-59)
A. His sinless perfection (45-46)
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