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Celebrity Jesus - The Good news of JESUS According to John Week 12
This Week Pastor Nick will continue our series from John's Good News about Jesus. Chapter 12.
Locations & Times
  • Yass Community Baptist Church
    50 Laidlaw St, Yass NSW 2582, Australia
    Sunday 10:00 AM
Celebrity Culture
We live in a world of the celebrity culture, in which people pursue the fame and success, praise and glory that come with being "successful" in game of fame.
Celebrity Jesus
In John 12 we find Jesus at his most "celebrity" moment. He is welcomed and praised by large crowds as he enters Jerusalem. Even those outside the Jewish faith are seeking an audience with him.
Jesus true glory is found on the Cross, not in the crowd
At the hight of his celebrity, Jesus declares that his time has come to be glorified. But when he speaks of glory he has in mind something very different to what the world of celebrity thinks of glory.

Jesus focussed on his purpose not his popularity.
Following Jesus looks more like a cross than a crowd
Jesus is not just the one who died for us, he is the example we are called to follow. And following Jesus looks more like a cross than a crowd.
As our life groups gather this week, we have attached our reference verse and some questions to prompt a deeper discussion and search into this week's topic.

If you are not currently part of a life group, and would like to join a small group of like minded people in fellowship and connection during the week, please contact Nick on 0417472474 to register your interest.
Life Group Discussion - Read John 12:22-27

1. Share with the group your most "brush with celebrity" moment and how it made you feel?
2. What does the desire to be a success/popular/liked look like in your life?
3. Why do you think Jesus took the moment of his greatest popularity to declare his purpose to die?
4. How can you help yourself stay on God's purpose for your life?
5. What does dieing to self look like on a day to day basis?

Take some time to pray for one another

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