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Sunday 11.22.2020
Welcome to Sunday worship at Cordova Neighborhood Church. We are a community of believers in Rancho Cordova, CA. Presently, we're live streaming on Facebook Live. Meet us there.
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Cordova Neighborhood Church Service LiveStream at 11AM

Tap the link then come back to take and save notes. The link takes you directly to the Live Stream and will be live starting at 10:45am. News and communication tools are at the bottom of this page.
No in-person Service this morning. Sacramento County moved back into the most restrictive Covid-19 tier. This change means that we must return to online only service.
Sermon Series: Who is Jesus? Finding Answers In The Gospel of Mark
Message: Who Do you Say I Am?
Pastor Susan Wright

Take notes online or print a pdf.
1. Mark 8:27-30: Peter confesses that Jesus is the Messiah
2. Mark 8:31-33: Jesus predicts his suffering, death and resurrection
3. Mark 8:34-9:1: Jesus announces that discipleship is costly.
What does it mean to follow Jesus?
When Jesus says we must take up our cross, He means three things.
1. We will have suffering in this life.
2. We must deny ourselves
3. We must follow Christ.
Who do you say Jesus is?
What will you do with today's information?
We are formed by what we say. Recite The Lord's Prayer everyday this week. Say it with meaning. What do you notice in your life?

Advent begins November 29

You won't want to miss a single Sunday of Pastor Phil's four week sermon series, "The Character of God: A Christmas Story."

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Good job Cordova Neighborhood Church! Even in the middle of a pandemic, you took time to give to others. Kathy, Dan and Dona tell us that we collected 50 Operation Christmas Child boxes this year. Please pray for those children who receive the boxes.

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Pray for Missions: Republic of Congo
Praise the Lord for answered prayer! The orality team in the Republic of the Congo writes: Thanks to all who prayed for a challenging situation involving the death of a little girl in the village of Youbi while in the care of a Christian family who are neighbors of her believing parents. She suddenly became ill; despite the family’s best efforts to obtain much-needed medical care, the girl died in the hospital. Her body was held by the morgue because neither family had the money to release it. From a traditional point of view, these families would have become enemies. Alliance workers spent a week counseling both of them, reviewing stories from the Word about grace, forgiveness, and trust. By the end of the week, the two families agreed that God was bigger than this crisis and they would not abandon each other. Then the miracle happened. Some believers from the United States, whom neither family knew, sent money so the girl’s body could be returned to the village for burial. According to Alliance workers, the ceremony was unlike anything anyone in this area had ever seen, with more joy and thanksgiving than grief. An orality team member reported that two of the little girl’s uncles and another observer, who had come with anger and grief, became believers. As the team member left, the villagers surrounded her and said, “Youbi is Jesus’ village.”

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