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James: Faith Fights
This series covers the book of James, a letter that serves as practical instructions for the Christian life. When we deal with trials, contentions, and lack of faith, James teaches us that we can still have joy in the midst of our circumstances. The foundation of the book is the importance of faith; faith or the lack thereof can determine the direction of one’s life.
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Main idea: Strife and struggles come from our pride and selfish actions.

While we have a chapter break after 3:18, the reality is that fights, and quarrels James refers to in chapter 4 flow from the false wisdom that was permeating this community of faith in chapter 3.
Last week:
· False wisdom: a lifestyle that is categorically false and out of step with kingdom reality!
· True wisdom: a lifestyle that lines up with the kingdom or living in ste with the way God wants things to work!
In Chapter 4, James puts all the talk of wisdom into the life and community with others!
The source of our conflict with our fellow man, vv. 1-3
In 4:1, James shows the source of our conflict is in the "cravings that are at war within you".
A.The source of all relational conflict is a failure to please God…
··· …as seen in our inordinate desires (4:1-2a). James makes it clear that this warring & fighting come from your desires.
··· …as seen in our asking (4:2b-3). When you desire pleasure, you’re going to God in prayer all wrong!

The source of our conflict with God, vv. 4-5
In 4:4, James quickly moves into our conflict with the Lord. This helps us to see that the lines between conflict with God and man are often quite blurry.
A.God is in conflict with us when we make friends with the world, v. 4.
B.God is in conflict with the world system, v. 4
C.God is jealous for our affections, v. 5
··· Here, James expresses that God jealously longs for/desires the spirit he imputed into us.
The source of our conflict resolution, vv. 6-12
Instead of running to friendship and intimacy with this world, we should run to friendship with God
A. Resolution grace initiated, v. 6
B.Resolution is grace-inspired, vv. 7-10

Humility affects speech, vv. 11-12. When you have been humbled by God’s grace, it affects the way you speak to others. World speech does two things:
1. Discourages one another. This kills community.
2. Dishonors God. Slander puts yourself above God.
Reflect and Discuss:
1. Has your pride ever gotten you in trouble? Can you tell us the story?
2. Why does it seem to be difficult to remain humble before the Lord? Why do we have such a tendency to want to do things ourselves?
3. Have you ever prayed for something with wrong intentions?
4. Explain what it means to be a friend of the world.
5. Why does God resist the proud?
6. Practically speaking, what does it mean to submit to God and resist the devil?
7. How is it in James 4:11 that speaking