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“Is there any meaning in my life which will not be annihilated by the inevitability of my death?”
- Leo Tolstoy
“…Eventually he found that the peasant people of Russia had come to answer these questions through their Christian faith. This brought him to the personal conclusion that only in Jesus Christ could the answer be found. And so (at the age of 41) he gave his life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.”
- Nicky Gimble, Questions of Life
2 Things to do…

Pray with Passion
“In his life and letters, Paul stands revealed as a great intercessor…he made it his business to be definite in his requests for others…from the moment good news of solid progress had come from Colossae, the apostle began to pray ceaselessly for the young Christians there.”
- Dr. R. C. Lucas, Commentary on Colossians
Pray with Precision

3 Evidences…

A Focused Life with a Benchmark
“Devout households in India still contain persons in the habit of kissing holy books. But in my household, we kissed everything. We kissed dictionaries and atlases. We kissed novels and Superman comics. If I’d ever dropped a telephone directory, I probably kissed that too!
- Salman Rushdie
The Point is: What we honor defines us!

A Productive Life with Balance
1. Am I serving & doing good in order to bring honor to God?
2. How am I increasing in the knowledge of God?
3. Am I living in my strength or that which He provides?
4. Is the habit of my life to give my Heavenly Father thanks?

A Life that Reflects our Rescue


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