Emmett Nazarene Church
Don't Waste Your Work
Sept 2, 2018 - Don't Waste Your Work - Part 3 - Brian Knight
Locations & Times
  • Emmett Nazarene Church
    1144 N Washington Ave, Emmett, ID 83617, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM
Don't Waste Your Work - Part 3
Primary texts: 2 Corinthians 5:16-17; James 1:2-4

1. We were designed for work - for worship
2. Work was broken by the fall - for ourselves

This Week's Focus: The trouble in finding our identity in work rather than Christ

Takeaways: How finding our identity in Christ changes our lives
1. In Christ, we no longer have to chase after the desires of our flesh to find value.
2. In Christ, we no longer have to fear the future.
3. In Christ, we no longer have to compare ourselves to others.
4. In Christ, we can trust God with difficulties.

Reflection Questions:
What is one thing that stood out to you from this week’s message?
How often do you ask someone what they do for a living?
Have you or someone you know had an identity crisis because of not having a job?
Are there things in your life, like your work, that you tend to find your value in?
Do you think people are more prone to become workaholics?
What are some ways we can continue to remind ourselves of our identity in Christ?

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