Hillside Missionary Church
Hillside Missionary Church - 11/15/20 Service
Whether you’re a guest or a long-time attendee we’re glad you’re here with us. Hillside is a friendly and caring group of Christians who are here to help people be CONNECTED with Jesus, CHANGED by Jesus, and COMMITTED to the mission of Jesus. GUESTS: Thanks for joining us today! We truly believe that you’re not here by accident and that God has some amazing plans for your life. We’d love to get you connected with us and let you know more about who we are! If you’d like some information about who we are and how to get plugged in here at Hillside, please fill out the “I’m New” page on our website, hmcworship.com/im-new/ SERMON SERIES: Our sermon series is going through the book of Esther and is entitled, “For Such a Time as This.” This Sunday’s message is from chapter 5 and answers the question, “What do You do When You Think You Failed.” CONNECT: We’d love for you to connect with us online! During this time of social distancing we have added an online version of every week’s service. You can find them on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and on our website, hmcworship.com. In addition to that, we encourage you to continue to reach out to your church family through letters, texts, phone calls, and on social media.
Locations & Times
  • 21567 Ireland Rd, South Bend, IN 46614, USA
    Wednesday 10:00 PM
In this passage of God’s Word we see Esther take a step of faith, but ultimately not accomplish the task set before her quite yet. If we only had this story and not the rest of the book, we could think that she failed completely. Many times in life, it can also feel like we’ve failed completely. By taking a closer look at this story, we can see what we are to do when it feels like we’ve failed:
1. Realize that God honors even small steps of faith
Matt. 17:20, 21:21, Heb. 11:6
2. Keep pursuing what God has called you to do
2 Thess. 1:11-12, 1 Cor. 15:58
3. Remember that God is working all things out for His glory and our good
Rom. 8:28, 1 Pet. 5:10, James 1:12
Reflection Questions

1. After taking a look at this fifth chapter in Esther, what stands out to you the most? If you’re familiar with the story, did you notice anything that you haven’t noticed before?
2. If we only looked at the story up to this point, we could think that Esther failed to accomplish what God had put her there to do. In your life, what instances have you felt like you’ve failed to do what God wanted you to do?

3. Even though it may seem horrible in the moment, God used these circumstances in Esther chapter 5 for His glory and the good of His people. Think back in your life. What circumstance felt horrible in the moment, but when you look back, you can see God using for your good and His glory?

4. What would help you in the future to continually pursue what God has for you, and to remember that He’s working all things out for your good and His glory? Who will keep you accountable to accomplishing that?
How to Give
Feel free to give online on our website, hmcworship.com or snail mail a check to the church building at 21567 Ireland Rd. South Bend, IN. 46614. You can also give during our in-person services, via the box on the wall located near the entrance.
If you would like to continue connecting with your church family but need people’s contact information to do that, we’d love to get that information to you! We have complied an “online-friendly,” updated version of our directory. In order to protect people’s information, we are not posting it online, though. Instead, simply contact us and we will send it to you. We can also print a paper version off if that would be easier for you. Please contact Pastor Josh for more information.
Current Prayer Requests
CHURCH FAMILY HEALTH NEEDS: Pray for Randy and Connie as they face uncertainty with their job situations. Pray for Bonnie Jamrozy, who was recently hospitalized because of a blood infection. Pray for Dorothy Lubbers, who was hospitalized this week due to high blood pressure and chest pains.
MISSIONARIES: This month pray for Jane Johnston in Russia.
FAMILY OF THE WEEK: Each week we’ll pray for a different family in our church. This week pray for the Snyders.
HILLSIDE HAPPENINGS: Pray that the church would continue to stay unified under Christ. Pray for our online service, and for the people joining us there. Pray that God would use us to bring His Kingdom here. Pray for the foster closet, as they are helping a new foster closet as they are currently in need of more volunteers.
CURRENT HAPPENINGS: Pray for the current health pandemic in our world and in our country. Pray for medical staff and for our leaders as they navigate how to best help. Pray for our teachers and school administrators. Pray for the wildfires that are on burning in the west, and for the hurricanes in the south. Pray for the unrest and divisions in our country. Pray for our leaders, current and future.
Attendance for 11/8/20 Service
In-person: 35
Online Views (through 11/4): 163

Online (11/2-11/8): $295 for general fund
In-Person on 10/25: $562 for general, $60 for missions
Total general needed weekly to meet budget: $1,575
In-Person Service Update
Thank you for your continual faithfulness and flexibility during these times. We especially appreciate those 8+ years old wearing their mask when not seated 6+ feet away from those outside of their household. Please remember, no offering plates will be passed; instead we ask you to give online or via the giving box near the gym entrance. Tables are set up in the back row of the gym for families with young children. We also kindly ask you to use the restroom before you come to ensure that our restrooms are as clean as possible for those who need to use them.
Small Group
If you’re looking to go deeper with what Pastor Josh preaches on Sunday mornings or just looking for some extra fellowship time with your church family, then please consider joining a small group! Contact Pastor Josh.