Philippians 2:14-18
As we work out our salvation according to the will of God and with His power, we will see fruit of our growth, we will hold fast to the foundation of our growth, and look with joy to the finish line of our growth.
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1. Fruit

As you grow, you will grumble and complain less and less, and give glory to God more and more. This will be evident by your quality of life and the fact that your life will sharply contrast with the world around you.
2. Foundation

You will continue to grow if you hold fast to the foundation; the word of life. It's more than just knowing about the Bible, or even understanding its importance. You must respond and do what it says.
3. Finish Line

We must keep the finish line in view, and pursue it with all of our strength. There is joy in the process, and joy waiting at the end.

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