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The Greatest Mystery Pt. 3: “The Forgotten One”
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We have wrestled through scripture the past few months with the truth
of the Incarnation.
* Unity of God and Man in the person of Jesus
* PLURALITY of persons within the unity of the Godhead
(Trinitarian Doctrine)
Plurality… Not an easy truth to tackle by any stretch of the imagination,
but last month we explored it further as we looked at the eternal
relationship between the Father (1 st person) and the Son (2 nd person)
We stated that there is an ETERNAL relationship between the Father
and the Son
* Father: plans and initiates the works of the Godhead
* Son: Finds all His joy in doing the Father’s Will
So, what about the 3rd person? The Triune nature of God proclaimed by
the scriptures seems to be limited in some sense to only 2 persons…
Why does it seem that the Spirit has been forgotten? Or at the very
least, ignored?

“The Spirit is not nearly as prominent in the New Testament text
as the Father and the Son, and yet we confess the Spirit to be
eternally God, we pray for the Spirit’s ministry in the preaching
and teaching of the word of God, we confess that without the
Spirit we can do nothing, and yet, how much time do we really
spend looking at what the scriptures say about the Spirit?”
James White

The Apostle John’s opening prologue gives us the PROFOUND truth that
Jesus (the Word) and the Father share Personality and Deity! And
unfortunately, that is where many of our thoughts seem to rest…

BUT this truth is not all that The Apostle John means for us to learn
about the Plurality of God.
Turn with me to John chapter 14, verse 16: This is Jesus’ final talk with
His disciples.
* John reports in this account of Jesus’ final talk with His disciples,
as Jesus was telling His disciples that He was going to prepare a
place for them that Jesus promised another gift.
* Another “Comforter” “Advocate” “Helper”

I want you to notice this morning, that the words advocate, comforter,
or helper, denote PERSONALITY
Jesus, the original comforter for the disciples is now promising
ANOTHER comforter to proceed from Himself to continue His ministry
to the disciples and the rest of the world!
It is here, in John’s Gospel that we see The Father, Son, and Spirit
* The SON asks the FATHER, The FATHER sends the SPIRIT
The Spirit is Sent by the Father (John 14:16) and the Son (John 20:22)
to do THEIR joint bidding in the hearts and lives of fallen creatures.
So… John clearly records for us a disclosure of the mystery of the
Trinity: 3 PERSONS, 1 GOD
* The Son doing the Will of the FATHER
* The Spirit doing the will of the SON and the FATHER
* Who/What is HE (the Spirit)?
Again, many disagree with the Spirit’s deity and personality. (especially
those who disregard the trinitarian doctrine)
* The Spirit, some would say, is just that: God’s spirit
* Not deity
* Not a distinct person
But… What does Scripture say?
* Does scripture assign deity and personality to the Spirit?
* Or does it simply proceed to show that the Holy Spirit is merely
God’s spirit
In order to conclude that the Holy Spirit is GOD (3rd person of the
Trinity) we must conclude that He is DIVINE, as well as PERSONAL
* Deity
* Personality
So… Let us see what Scripture says in regards to these things
* May I suggest to you today, that you can only lie to a person…
* Lying to Bible Illustration
* Your Bible will not mock you… It won’t laugh at you,
although it should… Because it is IMPERSONAL!
* Many people believe that the Holy Spirit is God’s “IMPERSONAL
active force” (James White)
* To many, the Spirit is an “IT” just like the electricity in these
lights this morning.
* You cannot lie to the electricity in these lights

Notice, though that Peter does not stop there!
* Peter shows us here that a lie to the Spirit is a lie to GOD
* A lie to the Spirit is a lie to a PERSONAL, DIVINE being
* What subsequently happens in this story is brought on by the
POWER of the Spirit!
***So, in this story the one who reveals to Peter the lie is the Holy
Spirit. And He is identified as a PERSON and as DEITY***
* Notice with me what Paul is saying:
* NO ONE can say “Jesus is Lord” EXCEPT by the Holy Spirit
* many non-believers/atheists may say “Jesus is Lord” in
a mocking sense, so this does not just mean the
SAYING, but rather the BELIEVING that Jesus is Lord!
* Our belief that JESUS IS LORD is given to us by the Holy

The belief that is Granted us by the Holy Spirit brings with it gifts
***But notice with me if you would, what is said in verses 4-6***
* I pray that each of us would become more sensitive to verses like
* The Triune God is at work in this passage
* 1 activity of God in the church
* Spirit, Lord, God
* In order to have a will, you have to be a PERSON!
It is clear, although the scriptures for the Son and Father’s deity and
personality far outweigh those of the Spirit’s, that the revelation of
Scripture gives us the Spirit as DIVINE and PERSONAL. The 3rd person
of the Godhead who is sent by the Father and Son to do their joint

“The doctrine of the Trinity is revealed BETWEEN the Old and New
Testament. How is it revealed? In the coming of Jesus Christ and the
outpouring of the Holy Spirit”
* The coming, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ
* The outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

“The NT then becomes the RECORD of the faith that flows out of that


1. God has revealed Himself in Scripture as Triune
2. It is high and lofty, and we will never fully understand!
3. The gospel, however is simple: a. The Triune God in eternity past chose to glorify Himself bySaving lost souls by the life, death, and resurrection of the2nd person of the Trinity.
4. Believer, you have the POWER of the Holy Spirit living in you. Willyou use it?
5. Non-believer, Christ died for your sin, would you come today andgive your life to Him?