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James: Faith Demonstrates
This series covers the book of James, a letter that serves as practical instructions for the Christian life. When we deal with trials, contentions, and lack of faith, James teaches us that we can still have joy in the midst of our circumstances. The foundation of the book is the importance of faith; faith or the lack thereof can determine the direction of one’s life.
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Main idea: A person's faith reflects the source of their wisdom. True wisdom flows from God affecting behaviour.

In v. 13, we’re being asked to examine ourselves.

Wisdom is not something we should just assume that we have.

James says let the wise man show it, or prove it. Wisdom can be demonstrated in two ways:
o By what we say.
o By what we do.
Our passage today reveals two sources of wisdom

False wisdom, vv. 14 - 16
o What is the evidence of False Wisdom? (v. 14)
-- Bitter jealousy (envy)
-- Self-centered ambition
-- Self-deception

o The evidence reveals the progression of Falsel Wisdom v. 15
-- Earthly
-- Unspiritual
-- Demonic

o The results of Falsel Wisdom v. 16
- Confusion
- Every Evil Work
True Wisdom, vv. 17 - 18
o The Attributes (or essence) of Kingdom Wisdom
-- Pure
-- Peaceable
-- Gentle
-- Open to reach
-- Full of mercy
-- Full of Good Fruits
-- Without partiality
-- Without hypocrisy

v. 18 reveals... that which is sown is reaped is righteousness.
Reflect and Discuss:
1. Who in your life has exemplified and imparted godly wisdom? What characteristics mark his or her life?
2. How does the world's definition of wisdom differ from Scripture's definition?
3. According to James 3:13, why can't someone whose life is marked by immorality be considered wise?
4. What's the difference between knowing facts and possessing godly wisdom?