St Marks Church
Called: Called to Serve
This is possibly the most crucial aspect of the Christian life. This single shift has the potential of altering society. Serving others is the result of loving others as you love yourself. To say that you love others and not to serve them, is really not to love them at all. The motive to serve is based on the fact that the Lord Jesus Christ was willing to serve, even to the point of death! If He did that, would you do the smallest thing? Just put yourself second and others first... and then find ways to show it.
Locations & Times
  • St Marks Church PE
    447 Cape Rd, Westering, Port Elizabeth, 6025, South Africa
    dimanche 9:30 AM
  • Church Online
    dimanche 7:00 AM
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To say that you care and not to act is to not care at all.

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Nothing is insignificant in your life when it is done for the significance of the cause of Christ.
Serve Christ where you are, with what you have, wholeheartedly.

The most significant opportunities of your life lie in your ability to serve in the small ways with wholehearted intensity for the Lord.
Servitude develops humility.
Entitlement breeds pride and arrogance.

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