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Identity- Week 8- I am Transformed
Identity. It influences every area of your life. It dictates what you do. If you see your identity as somebody worthless, you will act in a worthless manner. If you see yourself as smart, you act smart (or at least as a smart aleck). If you identify as an idiot, you'll act accordingly. But who does God say that I am? When you spend some time in the Scriptures, you will begin to unpack the identity that Christ desires for you and the Holy Spirit empowers you to become. In a new series that launches this Sunday, we will discover our identity in Christ and who that empowers us to become. Our identity matters. Discover a new way of seeing yourself as we launch our new series Identity: Who You Are Defines What You Do!
Locations & Times
  • Cadyville Wesleyan Church
    2083 NY-3, Cadyville, NY 12918, USA
    Saturday 6:00 PM
Jesus wants you to discover your true identity and allow that to impact every area of your life.
“Where sin increased, grace increased all the more.”
- Romans 5:20 (NIV)

“Where the sin did abound, the grace did overabound!”
- Romans 5:20 (Young's Literal Translation)
If all you know of the Gospel is that grace is enough to set you free from the consequences of sin, then you haven’t fully met grace!
Too many of us see the Gospel only as being declared innocent because of what Jesus did.
You are so much more than 
a sinner saved by grace.
Yes, that is what you were, but that is no longer who you are!
The Good news of the Gospel is not merely declaring that you are innocent, but it is empowering you to live it!
You are no longer a sinner.
You are a saint.
You aren’t just set free from the consequences of your sin.
You are set free from the power of sin!
“I beg you to lead a life worthy of your calling, for you have been called by God.”
- Ephesians 4:1
This is the Good News:
That God has something better than to continue living in bondage to sin. That God wants to set you free now.
“His divine power has given us everything we need to experience life and to reflect God’s true nature through the knowledge of the One who called us by His glory and virtue.”
- 2 Peter 1:3
Every time the enemy tells you that you are a sinner, you can boldly clap back, “No. I was a sinner. I have been saved by grace. Now I’m a saint! I’ve been transformed! I have been crucified with Christ! I have been given new life. I am free. I am new. I am empowered. I am redeemed!”