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The Shepherd - Week Three: You Anoint Me
In Psalm 23, God reveals himself to us as the Great Shepherd who promises to take special care of us. The key to a blessed life is following our Shepherd wherever he leads.
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    1850 N McMullen Booth Rd, Clearwater, FL 33759, USA
    Sunday 9:30 AM, Sunday 11:15 AM
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    Sunday 11:15 AM

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Set List
The Lion And The Lamb - Bethel Music
Won't Stop Now - Elevation Worship
Living Hope - Bethel Music
Psalm 23 is first and foremost a psalm of praise.
“He who guides into the gorge will guide through it. It is not a cul de sac, shut in with precipices, at the far end; but it opens out on shining tablelands, where there is greener pasture.” ~Alexander MacLaren
Your provision for me proclaims your victory.
“In the purpose of God, Christ is not only the giver of everything we need; He is everything we need.” ~Watchman Nee
Oh God, your purpose for me is more of you.
“So the sequence is: drink in Christ by faith, pour Christ out in praise and love, and never thirst again.” ~John Piper
You pour life into me so you can bless others.
You pursue me that we may live together forever.
Things to think about this week:
How does a change in perspective affect your praise?
Things to think about this week:
How has God provided for you?
Things to think about this week:
Can you think of some purposes God has for all followers of Christ? Can you think of a purpose God might have specifically for you?
Things to think about this week:
When good things come your way, how do you think God feels when you share those good things with others?
Things to think about this week:
Think of a time when God pursued you passionately. What happened?