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Moment of Trust
Like Abraham, the defining moments in our lives will be neither our successes or failures, but those moments in which we chose to trust in God - to trust in his character and to trust in what he is doing. By Jordan Clark as part of the series, "Defining Moments," based on character studies from the Old Testament.
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Faith = Belief (intellectual assent) + Trust
Abraham wasn’t defined by his failures. Neither was he defined by his successes. He was defined by his faith.

The defining moments in our lives will be those moments in which we chose to trust in God.
Author - “archegos,” (beginning)

Perfecter - “teleiotes,” (perfect, complete, accomplish, end)
What does it look like to be defined by faith?
1. Trust in God’s character and track record.
2. Resist sin.
3. Don’t give up.
4. Trust in what God is doing.

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