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The Authentic Gospel
Galatians - Our Charter of Christian Freedom Chapter 1 - “The Authentic Gospel”
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Chapter 1

a. Vv. 1-5 - Paul’s Introduction

b. Vv. 6-10 - No Other Gospel is Accepted

c. Vv. 11-12 - The Authentic Gospel

d. Vv. 13-24 - Paul’s Credentials to Preach the Gospel
Who is this Paul we are hearing from? For most of us we might know his name but who is he? This is Saul of Tarsus who sought to destroy the church and all the followers of Jesus Christ. He was there when Stephen was stoned and began to search out and imprison and even kill believers in and all around the surrounding towns and villages of Jerusalem. When he could no long could find all that he wanted, he received papers from the Sanhedrin to go even unto Damascus to search for Christians there. While on horse back with his fellow searchers, he was confronted by the Christ Himself through a shining bright light, brighter than the sun at noon time, knocking him off his horse and blinding him. Saul heard a voice from Christ calling out to him about why he was persecuting Jesus. He was blind and now was taken into Damascus to be kept there and finally was met by a man name Ananias to be healed and encouraged to understand the Gospel of Christ and then to guide him. This is the Paul whose name was eventually changed from Saul to Paul.

Notice, Paul called himself an “apostle of Christ.” An apostle in its simplest meaning is “a personal representative of one who sending him.” This person also is one who “is divinely authorized messenger sent by God and acting on His authority.” (Both quotes from Encyclopedia of Bible Words) Now Jesus had 12 men whom He called disciples and designated them to be His apostles. When Judas committed suicide, Peter made it clear that they needed to choose another to fill that position. In Acts 1:21-22 we read the requirements to be an apostle,
The qualifications and mission of an apostle is found here. Apostles had to be followers of Christ from the beginning of His public ministry through His ascension and then had to be a witness to the fact of Jesus’ resurrection. Based upon this information Paul would not be an apostle of Jesus Christ. Paul declared himself an apostle because he saw the resurrected Lord and received his commission to preach the gospel to the Gentiles from Jesus Himself. So that would make it 13 apostles. Paul declared himself a herald and an apostle in 1 Timothy 2:7,
So when Paul said that he was an apostle he declared that he was “sent not from men nor by man, but by Jesus Christ and God the Father…” Paul didn’t have someone say to him go out and preach the gospel. He did not have someone commission him to share his faith, he made it clear it was Jesus Christ and the Father who sent him. Paul was an official apostle according to the way he thought.

There are people who disagree with Paul and some who agree, but the most important part is that God allowed Paul to write these things about himself that made it clear this apostleship was from God and not made up by himself or any other man. Paul not only preached an authentic gospel but he was an authentic apostle.

Like Paul did regularly, he declared here that Jesus was raised from the dead and that the church, all believers, were one in the same family, they were brothers in Christ.

Paul did not identify those here but mentioned “all the brothers with” him. Some think that Paul wrote this letter from the city of Antioch, where he and Barnabas were commissioned to go on their journey to tell the world about Jesus. Therefore he must be speaking of those in the church there in Antioch.

Now we see that this letter is written not to one church but “to the churches in Galatia.” Where are the churches in Galatia?
From this map you can see the the area of Asia Minor of Paul’s day broken in different parts: Asia, Bythynia, Pontus, Cappadocia, Cilicia, Lycia and Galatia. The churches that Paul established in the province of Galatia were Antioch in Pisidia, Iconium, Lystra and Derbe. These are the churches that Paul was writing to and then anyone else who were Christians in that area and eventually to you and me. But why these churches? It seems that the letter is written to those churches and the Christians within them whom Paul had established as churches and led to Christ. He seems to be writing them back after he has heard some of the things that have happened to them since he left.

In verse 3 we see Paul, as he does in several of his letters, greet his readers with, “Grace and peace from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.” Now speaking of Jesus, Paul declares that Jesus “gave Himself for our sins.” What does that mean? Paul begins to explain this, he says that it means Jesus rescued us from the evil of the present time through His death on the cross which was the instrument of forgiving us of our sins. But he does not stop there, Paul says that this is the will of God. If it is the will of God then why were some not coming to Christ to be rescued from their sins? Why do people today not receive Christ to be rescued from the “present evil” of our day? Paul ends this introduction with the fact, God is to receive glory forevermore.
You Can’t Improve On It

In 1956 Billy Graham conducted a crusade in Oklahoma City. On noonday he spoke to a joint meeting of the city’s civic clubs. Dr. Graham’s message was a simple sermon on salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

At the end of the meeting some of the men in attendance rushed forward to thank him for his message. One said, “I have been going to church all my life, but that is the first time I have heard that! It is the greatest thing I ever heard.”
What kind of gospel had been preached in that church where this man had attended all his life? There is no other gospel but that Jesus died on the cross and that He was buried and then after three days He arose from the dead. If one places their faith in Jesus Christ and believes that He is the Son of God then he will not only be forgiven of his sin but will be given eternal life through Jesus. That is the Gospel of Christ! This is the Gospel that will set you free from sin!

Could you be tempted to turn to a different gospel? Paul thought it would never be possible for the churches that he established and taught about Christ, could even consider a “different gospel.” What was this “different gospel?” There were people who had come in behind Paul teaching that Gentile believers needed to follow the Law of Moses and and custom of the Jews and particularly had to be circumcised before they were truly Christians. They were saying in essence that “faith in Christ was not enough.” For God so loved the world that He “gave His most precious Son as a gift” to all mankind. It was not something to be earned but it was given freely by Christ to all who would believe. These folks came along trying to say you had to earn the love of God by following the laws of the Jews. Eternal life would be your reward for believing AND following the laws.

Think about this for a minute. What does it say about Jesus and His sacrifice if there is there is something else needed to be saved?

Paul is so clear here and bold to say, this is not a gospel at all. Who are these people bringing this “different gospel?” These were the Judaizers who were following him around and in this case after he had left the churches he established, they came in teaching this different gospel setting up confusion among the brethren.

Notice, Paul addresses this false gospel head on. This is a perversion of the gospel. Are you seeing that even if an “angel” comes to preach another gospel other than the one Paul preached then don’t listen, it is not of God! What is the pronouncement Paul gives to them? Eternally Condemned!

What do they think when a certain group of people, who call themselves Christians, who had an angel come and give the principles of their faith including a whole new book and their new “gospel” to their founder, read this passage of the New Testament?

In verse 9 Paul doesn’t let this go, he repeats himself. When talking about the fact that people need to get along and that we should be tolerant of others beliefs, there will be people who will tell you and me that we are narrow minded and bigoted as well as intolerant. Paul answers for us, “Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ.” Do you want the approval of mankind or the approval of God? Do you want to get along so much that you are afraid to talk of your faith as it is and with the truth of the Scripture, even with the statement of the exclusion of all other “gospels” out there. There is a point that we should have to state the truth of the Gospel. Please hear me. You don’t have to stand on the street corner denouncing everything out there but when the time comes and there is a need to share and state the truth of the Gospel of Christ, then do it without fear and do it respectfully and with love.
Paul’s gospel was the real one, the authentic gospel of Jesus Christ! It was not given by man but directly from The Lord Jesus Christ. This gospel was not made up nor was it taught but it was revealed from Christ. This gospel is the one you can count on, it is dependable and authoritative for all mankind. Where the “different gospel” shared by the Judaizers was not real but counterfeit, this gospel revealed to Paul is legitimate and trustworthy. When you have seen or heard the truth then you can tell when the truth is not told. We are to know the truth and then the truth will set us free. The knowledge of the true gospel will help us not to fall for the counterfeit one pretending to be the real gospel. We find freedom in the Gospel of Christ!
Paul tells his background even though those to whom he is writing seem to have heard it before, so it is just a wrap up of his past. He reminded them that he sought to destroy the church and the followers of Christ. But God! He tells the readers of his letter that God set him apart, from birth, (even though he didn’t know it until he was an adult, unlike Jeremiah)
It pleased God, by His grace, to reveal His Son Jesus to Paul. Paul again says that no one revealed this to Him, save Jesus Christ; he didn’t consult anyone over doing what God called him to do.

Have you been called to the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ?

Many have sat where you are sitting and having heard the voice of God in their heart and mind, and surrendered to the call of the Lord Jesus Christ on their lives. Are you one of them today who has been called and needs to make it public so you can be held accountable to the Lord about your calling? You don’t need a man to confirm the calling if it is from the Lord Jesus, maybe someone to confirm that they believe what God has done in your life but only God can call you.

Paul makes it clear to that he didn’t consult the apostles in Jerusalem about the call but instead went into the Arabian desert to be with the Lord Jesus. Paul’s seminary experience took three years as he heard from and was taught by the Lord Himself. After the time with Jesus, receiving the gospel first hand, he went then to Jerusalem to see Peter and stayed with him.

Paul was so hung up on making sure the folks knew he had heard from Jesus and that what he was telling them was the truth. You see the only thing the Christians knew about Paul was that he was the one who hunted Christians down to put them in prison and sought to kill some. He wanted them to know the truth about his conversion and call from God. When the people did hear the truth Paul said they responded with, “And they praised God because of me.” Isn’t that what Christian are to do when someone comes to know the Lord Jesus personally? To rejoice in the Lord for their conversion! Real Christians rejoice when a lost one comes to find salvation and eternal life.
Let me tell you that today there would be a great rejoicing if you, who are lost, would come to see your sin as Jesus sees it and then turn from your sin, believing by faith that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He died on the cross for the forgiveness of your sin and then He rose again from the dead to give you everlasting life with God. What a party we would have! You are that important to God and even the angels will rejoice in one lost sinner who comes to Christ.

My dear friend, if that is you today, lost and in need of forgiveness, please come and receive Christ by faith and be saved!

My friend, you may be a guest and yet a Christian, and you are looking for a church to worship the Lord, we are here for you. Come by your statement of faith in Christ or by the transfer of your letter from another Baptist church. Today, you may need to be baptized, come and choose to join with us through your baptism, you will not regret it.