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How Not To Be Your Own Worst Enemy - Pay Attention to Your Narratives
We can choose to carry around false but comfortable narratives — or we can look to destroy them.
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You don’t have a body.
You are a body.
We have this extraordinary habit, this inclination to impose a reason on randomness.
I don't know why matter and biology would feel compelled to make sense out of a senseless and purposeless world, because if we're just matter or just biology, there is no purpose.
We create and abide by our self-imposed narratives.
This can lead you to become your own worst enemy.
You have the potential to do whatever you've watched anybody else do because…

You have participated in all your bad decisions.
A single bad decision is always the first step toward becoming your own worst enemy.
1 - Preemptive Habit
Pay attention to the tension.
2 - Preemptive Habit
Pay attention to your narratives.
I deserve better.
I'm entitled to…
I should be further along.
I'm not happy.
He should be...
If she loved me...
They don't care.
It doesn't matter.
It won't make any difference.
I don't do exercise.
I can't.
I'm better than that.
I'm better than them.
They're losers.
They don't deserve…
If they would try harder…
I can't resist...
Something's wrong with me.
I can't live without...
Republicans are all...
Democrats are just…
Men! | Wome are all…
Baptists | Catholics
If my dad had only…
If my mom hadn’t…
(These narratives) inform how we view and interpret the world.
Narratives create excuses.
(Narratives) empower us to avoid things we should not avoid, and they empower us to embrace things we should stay away from.
Narratives are shaped by…
Where we are in the world.
The way we experience the world.
The way we were raised in the world.
Tearing down the narratives that we grow up and then live with, it is not a casual endeavor.
People are property.
Might makes right.
The gods determine the fate of individuals.
So many things that are self-evident to us are wrong, and they stand in contrast and in conflict to the Kingdom of God that Jesus introduced to Earth.
We are to wage war on flawed conclusions based on false assumptions.
An impenetrable citadel of argumentation.
We are to assault any narrative that stands in contrast to what God has revealed.
If you could see yourself the way that God sees you, you would be more inclined to do what God says.
The world is broken.
God redeems broken things.
You matter to God.
The you beside you matters to God.
Being full of yourself leaves you empty.
Emptying yourself will make you full.
Got any strongholds the need to be demolished?
We are always at war potentially with the narratives that wanna creep up and misinterpret the world around us.
What’s your narrative behind…
What do you tell yourself?
I will demolish every narrative that conflicts with the value system introduced by Jesus.
2 - Preemptive Habit
Pay attention to your narratives.

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