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Today we’re going to look at a powerful passage from the old testament that shows loss but then restoration by the grace of God.
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  • Miami Friends Church
    209 I St NE, Miami, OK 74354, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM
-Joel was a prophet to the nation of Israel…he spoke to the people on God’s behalf.
-In Joel’s day, the people were rebellious and sinful and they had suffered consequences for their choices.
-Joel saw a vision and gave the people a warning that they had to suffer a giant locust swarm.
Consequences are the way to get our attention…so God was using real consequences to get their attention.

So what did God want?
The most difficult thing about regret is that the time you had is lost and you can’t get it back.
In repentance and broken hearts, God responds to His people.
The reason He does this is to show how faithful He is.
Aren’t you grateful that He doesn’t leave us in our suffering…even the suffering we create for ourselves?
Repent - the first step in this process is repentance
Release - those years and choices you made in the past, you need to leave them in the past.
Receive - when God chooses to bless you by restoring the years you wasted, receive them and lean into them and don’t waste them again