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Welcome to South and this Live YouVersion Event. We are in a series entitled "Refocus - The Book of Ephesians" - we hope that you will enjoy the notes and Scriptures below, to supplement Pastor Scott's message!
The context - Ephesus

Ephesus maintained the primary harbor for the province of Asia Minor. It also was strategically located at the junction of four of the most important Roman roads in Asia. As a result of these first two things, the city itself became a very wealthy one that many people wanted to live in, leading its population to grow to somewhere between 250,000-500,000 people. The third thing that made the city of Ephesus so important was the fact that it was the center of the worship of the goddess Artemis/Diana.
Us vs Them

According to the text, the Jews considered themselves as “the circumcision” and the Gentiles as “the uncircumcision” This was one of their ways of communicating to the Gentile world their, “we are better than you” attitude, because, “we have the mark of the covenant of God and you don’t.”As a result of this attitude toward the Gentiles, you can probably imagine how the Gentiles felt about the Jews. There was definitely an attitude of resentment and hatred.
First Admonition

Remember that differences do not need to become barriers. The pride of the Jews in a fleshly act done by human hands, caused them to turn their differences into barriers. Paul called on the Jews to remember that this act of circumcision, which made them different from the Gentiles, and that they were pridefully using as a barrier, was simply an act done to the flesh and by human hands - no different than any other physical procedure done at that time.
Second Admonition

Remember Christ and where He came from. Paul called on the Gentiles to remember their past prior to, or without Christ.

1) “Alienated from the commonwealth of Israel” In the O.T. the people of God were the nation of Israel.He had made a covenant with them - to be their God. In the N.T. the people of God are the church - the bride of Christ. With whom God has also made a covenant with - that nothing will be able to separate us from his love.

2) “Strangers to the covenants of promise.” When separated from Christ, interacting with the covenant promises of God would make them feel like they were missing out on something.
Third Admonition

Remember the gospel of Jesus Christ. While the message of Christ dying on the cross to bring about the forgiveness of our sins was meant to bring vertical peace with the holy God of the universe, who loves us and wants to have a relationship with us-- but because of our sin, he could not because we were under his wrath. The message of Christ dying on the cross to bring about the forgiveness of our sins, Paul clearly spells out, also was meant to bring horizontal peace among people of all nations, creeds, personalities, political views, etc. He is our peace!
Our Admonition

While times have changed and the rivalries have changed, one thing hasn’t changed; the overall cause of rivalries to begin with is PRIDE. How we combat rivalries is by doing these things:

1) Elevate the gospel.
2) Elevate the local church/family of God. Christ didn’t take on flesh and go to the cross JUST to create isolated individuals who place their trust in him and have their relationship with God reconciled. He took on flesh and went to the cross to create a FAMILY.

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