Tech Road - Beltsville Adventist Church
Saturday Morning Worship at Tech Road
Online Event for Beltsville Seventh-day Adventist Church - Tech Road Campus. Here you will find weekly announcements, the order of service, giving options and more. Be sure to access this weekly and share with others.
Locations & Times
  • Tech Road Campus - Beltsville Adventist Church
    2126 Industrial Pkwy, Silver Spring, MD 20904, USA
    Saturday 10:45 AM
Welcome to Tech Road
Welcome to Beltsville Adventist Church - Tech Road Campus. We're so glad you've chosen to worship with us today and pray that you will consider Tech Road as a place you can connect with God, others, the community and a life of spiritual growth.

Are You A Guest? Be sure to visit the Resource Table for a Free gift. It's our way of letting you know that we're glad you're here.
Bible Study Classes: We have small group Bible study classes for all ages following the worship service. Please stay by to join in the discussion.

Potluck Today: Please plan to stay by for our potluck today if you are visiting with us. We will have plenty of food.

AV Training After Potluck: Members of the AV team and those interested in learning more, please plan to stay by for our AV training after potluck around 2pm.

SEEDs Seminar: Begins this afternoon at 3:30pm at our Ammendale Campus. Open to anyone who wants to learn more about church planting.

Membership Transfers Second Reading:
Out: Teddy and Kris Flo
In: Steve and Melissa Leddy

Ministry Positions Second Reading Tech Road:
Head Elder: Dewey Murdick
Elders: Holly Cooley
Eulalee Edwards
David Machado
Andrea Madding
Guillermo Ortiz

Head Usher: Wendy Pega
Asst. Head Usher: Carlos Correia

Coordinator: Delrose Lewis

AV Director: Jose Garcia

Setup Director: Guillermo Ortiz

Hospitality Director: Eulalee Edwards

Social Team: Pat Kingston,
Courtney Machado
Yomira Zevallos

Outreach Team Pastor Will
Joanna Murdick
Rosy Ortiz
Lori Johns

Children’s Ministry:

Beginners SS: Lori Johns

Primary SS: Carol Jednaszewski

Youth SS: Dewey and Joanna Murdick

Young Adult SS: Guillermo Ortiz

Bible Study SS: Andrea Madding

Open Circle SS: Ivy Gentles

Church Wide Officers Second Reading

Adventurer’s Club
Stacy Shipowick (Director)
Mark O’Ffill (Assistant Director)

BAS School Board
Raul Cornelius (Until June 2020)
Kimberly Maran (Until June 2020)
Daniel Wortman (Until June 2020)
Kathleen Gittens (Until June 2022)

Church Wide Board
Doug Walker – (Chair)
BAS Principal
Church Clerks
Elders (4 Ammendale & 4 Tech Road)
Finance Chair
Adventurer Leader
Pathfinder Leader

Church Clerks
Richard Peters
Renee Peters

Finance Committee
_____________ (Chair)
Holly Cooley
David Anderson
Ex-officio Members:
BAS School - Principal
Head Elder
Head Deacon
Lead Pastor
Campus Pastors
Lead Property Manager

Roger Prates (Director)

Nathan Traxler (Treasurer)
Yvonne Tait (Lead Assistant Treasurer)
Nickie Pinnick (Assistant Treasurer)
Cecile Croll
(Assistant Treasurer)
Owen Steinert
(Assistant Treasurer)

Discover Beltsville: If you are interested in officially becoming a member of our church, please talk to Pastor Will. He will be glad to set up a time to meet with you and take you through the Discover Beltsville Class which is the first step to joining our church. The class only takes 20 minutes and will help you better understand what we are all about and how you can get involved.

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Tech Road Secure Online Giving Link

We give back to God as an act of worship and gratitude for all he has given to us. And God takes what we give and changes lives here in our community and around the world. Thank you for supporting the mission.
Message by Pastor Anthony: Beyond Our Sub-culture and Into God's Mission
Discussion Questions
How old were you when you first stayed overnight somewhere without your parents? How old when you first left home?

Was that uncomfortable for you? Or were you excited?

What did you loose by leaving home? What did you gain?

Do you agree with Pastor Anthony's point that we are called to reach beyond the comfort zone of our sub-culture?

Read Acts 1:8. What does this say to you? Since we don't literally live in Jerusalem, what is the meaning for us today?

Do we need to understand the culture that other people are in, in order to communicate with them effectively? How might we go about doing that?

How can we be in the world but not of it? What part of the world are we to be different from?

Beltsville Church is about to launch a third campus in DC. What do you think of this? Is this a good thing for a church to do?

What are some specific steps you can take this week to go outside of your comfort zone for the sake of connecting to people that matter to God?

Next Steps
Pray for God to lead you to people in your life that you can love and serve.

Pray for courage to be willing to step outside your comfort zone.

Plan to take one specific step this week to connect with someone outside your sub-culture.